We are an accredited and highly recommended Skip Hire service provider, providing excellent services throughout the country and in your city of London. We do our best to serve every customer, whether it’s someone who wants to rent us an for your apartment, whether it’s a commercial area or even a public place. If you want to know about our features and terms, visit the website.  We are not very expensive. We assure you that after receiving our services you will be relieved as we always try our best to do whatever the client wants. You do not need to ask anyone to contact us, you just have to open our website, and there you will be shown almost everything that any client will need.





Skip rentals with different types and sizes with the name of the supplier of Skip Order Services Limited are all available under one umbrella. Just visit our website and book the right thing at a much lower charge than other competitors in the market.

Skip Hire

A skip is basically a container designed to collect garbage and rubbish, but we understand that the amount of garbage can vary from place to place or from house to house. In this way, we have arranged all kinds of skips that people may need at any time. We have a wide variety of skips, from the smallest “mini-skip” to the largest “RoRo Skip ”. Skip Order covers everything under the umbrella skips. In addition, if anyone requests it, we can make custom skips from them at any time, so we are only a phone call away, or you can visit our website and send it to us.

Man With A Van

It is a service that demonstrates our flexibility and client orientation. As time went on we noticed that some clients did not want to use the services of Skip. Instead of hiring skips, they want their rubbish collected from their place. That’s why we introduce this service for their convenience. You only have to pay for the garbage collection. If you use this service, our hardworking and experienced staff will come to the given address and pick up all the rubbish from time to time. This is a very low-cost facility provided by us. 

Rubbish Removal

Not only do we care about our business, we care about our environment. As we collect garbage from homes to public places, we always prioritize hygiene practices to get our work done. We do our work in a very organized way. All you have to do is notify us, and we will send our top staff directly to your place. Our workers can remove any type of rubbish, whether it is everyday rubbish or debris collected from construction work.


There are many types of skips at Skip Order Services Limited. You can choose any skip from our website according to your need and budget. We can easily claim that we will actually have skips in different categories to fit your budget.


Mini skips are designed for small houses and that is why Mini Skips is the smallest skip rental available in the market. They are easy to move and dispose of the small amount of garbage that a small household usually produces. If you believe your waste is not too much, then a mini-skip is a good option to consider.


Midi skip hire is a medium skip hire that is wider and larger than mini skip hire. It can hold a large amount of waste that is usually stored in large houses or small construction sites, as well as clean up gardening or backyard areas, and rent a midi skip bin. 


As the name suggests, this skips rent is specifically designed to collect waste from construction sites where houses or buildings are being constructed. This skip rental is for commercial clients, but the best part is that the prices are not prohibitively expensive and are easily affordable for everyone.


Another type of Skip is the Maxi Skip Hire, which is designed for purely commercial use due to its large size and ability to collect large amounts of waste from industrial sites.


It is also used for large trash but in particular, it handles hard trash which usually comes from construction and industrial areas. Skip Order provides these RORO Skips at a very pocket-friendly price. If you want to save your time, this RORO skip is easy for you, as these roll-on-roll-off skips are considered to be more time-saving skips than other skips that can carry heavy loads.


These Skips fit best in public places because in public places you can see all kinds of people coming daily  they can put anything in the skips. So for your convenience, we recommend that you take this lockable skip to secure skip from unwanted items.


Just as we have a wide range of skips, so we have different prices depending on the skip size. We have a total of 14 dimensions ranging from a 2-yard skip to a 40-yard skip. But we once again claim that our prices are reasonable and our skips are of excellent quality.

2-Yard skip

This is the smallest skip. The 2-yard skip is used to handle a small amount of household waste.

3-Yard skip

This is a good idea to keep in the house as it does not take up much space.

4-Yard skip

This 4-yard skip can be useful for lawn or garden waste.

5-Yard skip

This 5-yard skip can be used to handle canteen or cafeteria waste.

6-Yard skip

This is a medium skip. It is suitable for debris made by construction work.

8-Yard skip

Our 8 yard Skip can hold 70 to 80 large sacks or 140 to 150 small sacks.

10-Yard skip

Perfect for littering officers’ chambers or large offices.

12-Yard skip

This skip takes up a lot of space, and it also takes in a lot of waste.

14-Yard skip

This 14-yard skip is designed to carry large and jumbo items.

16-Yard skip

This is a big skip and can be used for big jobs. It is also called maxi skip.

18-Yard skip

This 18-yard skip can carry 200 or more large boxes. This is a good thing when you do construction work at Powys.

20-Yard skip

This skip is great when you want to get rid of old and big things.

25-Yard skip

It is also suitable for large places as it can carry around 300 large bins.

30-Yard skip

This is one of the big skips available to us. It is used to carry large amounts of waste.

40-Yard skip

Due to its high capacity, it can carry any waste from light to heavy.


Skip Order is an excellent skip hire company. I asked a van driver. The workers arrived just in time, cleaned the luggage, picked up the garbage, and left. Compared to other services, I had to pay less; everything was a positive experience.


Removing this trash can was tiring and time-consuming for me, but thanks to this company, they helped and provided the equipment. I only had to pay a small fee, but the service was excellent. Weekend