One of the most prevalent customs to get rid of junk, waste, or debris is to hire a skip. As a registered skip hire service provider here at Portsmouth, we offer some of the best yet affordable deals for waste management and recycling provisions. Our company, Skip Order Services Ltd, has a national network of skip hire partners and an experienced team to provide efficient service at your doorstep. Our main objective is to provide quality Skip hires at competitive and reasonable prices to our customers. Therefore, we have a variety of skip hire sizes ranging from different prices. Read ahead to catch on to more information.





If you think of availing of the best skip hire service in Portsmouth, get in touch with us. You need to browse our website and select your best-fit skip size, and we will be right there at your access to provide you with waste management assistance.


Skip services are primarily needed for domestic as well as commercial use. So, hiring a skip is the most convenient and reliable waste removal method, whether it is a DIY project, such as bathroom/kitchen refitting, garden clear-ups, or industrial construction sites. We offer the lowest skip hire prices in Portsmouth and provide a complete range of sizes from smallest to largest. So, if you want the skip hire service now, get in touch with us on our website. 


This man with a van service is one of the best for families who want to get rid of this annoying trash can but are not sure about the quality of service. To make them feel comfortable, we guarantee the highest quality services available. A person will come to your place with a van, whether it is an office or home. Furthermore, the van will have workers who will clean your home and take away everything that needs to be disposed of, as well as a chief executive who will oversee everything. You will be charged only a small fee for all of these.


Our Skip Rental Service team is working hard to create a healthy and happy environment. We are doing our best to work for the green and clean cause. Prioritizing timely collection of the waste from your place and following hygienic standards strictly are our goals. We prefer our clients’ satisfaction, whether a small or a big project.


Skips come in various categories, including mini, midi, builder, maxi, Roro, and lockable, and getting the right size of Skip would depend on your needs. Ensure that you have a reasonable estimate of the wastage material to be disposed of so that you have an idea of the right skip size you need. Mini  Skip is an ideal choice if the garbage is too little. But for more significant projects, you require maxi or builder skips. Whereas, for commercial and industrial operations, Roro or lockable skips are the best suitable choice.


Mini skips are usually 2 or 3 yards in size. They are very cost-effective and great if you undertake housing projects or perform small domestic jobs, such as kitchen/bathroom remodeling and garden cleaning.  


They come in a 4 cubic yard size and are widely used for kitchen and bathroom fittings. Midi skips are also used for landscaping and domestic waste materials. You can carry 45 black bags of garbage/waste in midi skips. 


Suitable for commercial use, builders come in a 6 cubic yard size and carry almost 70 black bags of junk/waste. They are excellent for large-scale projects where waste material is overriding with rubble materials. Instead of hiring trucks, make your life easy and put the waste in a builder skip.  


Maxi Skip comes in a size of 12 cubic yards. These are appropriate for huge, massive debris, mainly used at commercial and construction sites. 


They are measured around 20 to 40 yards skip sizes, also called a roll-on roll-off skip. Roro skips are the best waste elimination solution for more significant projects.  


People are sometimes worried about their possessions, even if they are useless, and they do not want others to look at them. Lockable Skip Hire is the solution for them because they can be locked and no one else can check their luggage. In addition, it is beneficial for environmental protection.


Go through all the skip sizes mentioned below and find the best fit for your needs. 

2 Yard Skip 

You can use the 2-yard skips for small domestic waste disposal projects, such as your kitchen garbage.  

3 Yard Skip 

The 3-yard skip size is also suitable for small domestic projects. 

4 Yard Skip 

This is the Skip that is best for your garden waste collection. 

5 Yard Skip 

The 5-yard skip size is excellent at collecting junk from your commercial shop.  

6 Yard Skip 

The 6-yard Skip is helpful in both domestic and commercial use. 

8 Yard Skip 

The 8-yard skip hire can hold around 70-80 big bags of waste. 

10 Yard Skip 

The 10 yards skip size hiring is apt for domestic scrubbing and small businesses, such as park waste removal. 

12 Yard Skip 

The 12-yard skip size is used for DIY projects or commercial purposes, like street garbage collection.  

14 Yard Skip 

The 14-yard skip size can transmit heavy and oversized objects for waste management.

16 Yard Skip 

The 16-yard skip size is the right fit for light building, household, and shopfitters’ projects.  

18 Yard Skip 

The 18-yard skip size is used in construction sites to pick bulky waste objects. 

20 Yard Skip 

The 20-yard skip size is perfect for commercial use. These are good at lifting heavy and bulky materials 

25 Yard Skip 

The 25-yard skip size is usually used for industrial purposes and classical construction.  

30 Yard Skip 

The 30-yard skip size is used to remove construction debris, business projects’ waste, and industrial uses. 

40 Yard Skip 

The 40-yard Skip size is best at holding unmanageable and bulky constituents. They are very considerable and flexible in size.


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