Are you looking for a residential skip in Pembrokeshire? Skip Order Services Ltd® is a skip-hire company that solves all your waste regulation problems. Skip Order assures you that we will have adequate household skip in inventories no matter how extensive the clearing of your residence. You’ve just found one of the best places to get the best skip rental services in Pembrokeshire. Our primary goal is to offer our services to our clients at reasonable prices. We are also glad to tell you that we also provide immediate drop-off delivery.

Whatever project you are working on in your home and backyard in Pembrokeshire, our good skips indicate that we have the best way for you to get rid of the clutter you need.  Feel free to contact us if you need to complete your skip rental services soon. We always put the care and satisfaction of our customers first.





We have a list of services for its customers that they need whenever and wherever they are needed. Skip Order at Pembrokeshire offers instant cleaning and trash removal for rent. You can choose to hire Skip as well as eliminate waste service.


We fully understand how difficult it can be to find a contractor company that provides the best skip hire services within your budget. We are pleased to announce that we have a good reputation for providing our clients with the highest quality possible products at reasonable prices. As we compile and assemble our skips, we have gained recognition for our professionalism. It’s a great public image and we work hard to maintain it. We have a suitable skip size for any quantity of waste you have. Do you need a low-cost skip rental service? Skip Order Services Ltd® offers a variety of skip sizes, waste disposal options, commercial/domestic clearance, and more at affordable prices.


There is a lot of demand for this man with a van service. Our team will help you dispose of all waste on an emergency basis in residential areas, gardens, or office buildings. The van man service is for clients who want to collect and dispose of their trash without having to leave the comfort of their own homes. The service will send a van to your doorstep to load your trash cans and then take them out for you. This option is great in terms of affordability and ensuring maximum security. Our vans dispose of your trash in an extremely environmentally friendly manner, making our service reliable and responsible.


Garbage disposal is possibly the ultimate service in keeping an area clean. We all need an environment that is free from pollution and has a positive impact on our health. Our firm aims to eliminate all the trash from your desired areas and provide you with a cleaner environment. Skip Hire Pembrokeshire provides instant relief by picking up all your debris and helping you clean up your mess. Our cleaning and trash removal services are suitable for collecting all kinds of waste materials. We offer you house cleaning, debris removal from construction projects, office cleaning, or gardening waste removal.


We offer a variety of sizes, so our customers use them according to their needs and requirements. It covers a wide range of sizes: mini, midi, builder, maxi, roll-on roll-off, and lockable skip hire. It’s a hassle-free and budget-friendly skip rental service available at competitive prices.


The first is MINI Skip. This is the smallest size skip in the range. MINI Skip is a popular choice for home-based cleaning projects or for collecting household waste. This size also fits into the trash can and any minor renovation around the house.


If the waste is not too much, MIDI Skip is the right Skip for you. A MIDI Skip contains 40 to 60 trash bags, depending on how large or small the bags are. This skip size is perfect for backyard and garage cleaning or trash related to any minor household construction.


Builder Skip Hire is a medium-size between home and business scale. This size is most useful when you are moving or changing equipment. Builder skip is also a good match for the small-scale waste disposal and site cleaning business requirements.


A maxi skip is famous for its spacious room on the commercial range, which contains industrial and factory waste. Being suitable for large-scale projects, it is a good option to handle large and bulky disposal materials. You can also avail of this service within a reasonable package with delivery convention.


Roll-on-Roll of the skip, presented by Skip Order Services Ltd, is more economical. It has enough space to collect significant and heavy debris. Roll on Roll of Skip Hire is an incredible offering that will be used extensively for industrial sites and waste management needs.


Lockable skips are available in different sizes. Using a lockable skip is the best way to prevent unwanted scrap. They help with both business and local waste disposal.


Skip Order Services Ltd® has the most reliable skip hire facility in Pembrokeshire. Our company is best known for its custom skips options, which provide customized solutions to each user within their budget. Our brand identity is best known for its economical price point, which caters to all customers based on their chosen yard size.

2-Yard skip

A 2-yard skip is a cheap and small garbage removal skip. It is used to remove small debris and dung. It is used to remove and clean household clutter, garden waste, and office waste.

3 Yard Skip  

The 3-yard mini-skip is ideal for small amounts of trash, such as household and garden waste. Due to their small size, they are suitable for small home improvement works such as kitchen and bathroom renovation.

4 Yard Skip  

The 4-yard midship is a great solution for a variety of housing projects. It’s a simple and cost-effective solution for landscape cleaning and home improvements such as a bathroom, building sizes, and kitchen changes.

5 Yard Skip  

A 5-yard midi skip provides residential and commercial and development waste disposal. It is one of the most cost-effective and easy waste and garbage disposal options.

6 Yard Skip

6-Yard Skip is a popular builder’s skip that is frequently used by contractors and builders. These skips are ideal for garbage removal in construction sites and in various home landscapes.  

8 Yard Skip  

An 8-yard builder skip is a great way to get rid of construction waste. You can choose the skip you need.

10 Yard Skip  

A 10-yard skip is ideal for large-scale work. It has a lower edge at the rear for easy access and higher sides for larger items, making it an excellent 10-yard container. You can rent a maxi skip with lots of garbage and rubbish.

12 Yard Skip 

Due to its high-sided design, it is suitable for large projects, can be supplied with cover, and is suitable for heavy objects.

14 Yard Skip

You have the option of renting a 14-yard skip to remove heavy or large debris.  

16 Yard Skip 

This large skip is ideal for those who are preparing a large amount of garbage and want the simplicity of disposing of it as much as possible. 

18 Yard Skip 

The 18-yard skip is ideal for large piles of rubbish, such as building debris and heavy objects. It is also suitable for a variety of industrial jobs. 

20 Yard Skip

The biggest skip available is the roll-on roll-off skips, which can carry a large amount of garbage. A 20-yard skip can hold about 220 to 230 packs of trash. It is widely used in construction projects and industrial works.

25 Yard Skip  

25-yard skips are often used in industrial works and the construction industry. This is ideal for getting rid of the heavy and bulky material that builds upon the building sites due to the ample space.

30 Yard Skip

A 30-yard skip can contain a lot of trash. These are the second largest skips available and are perfect for many tasks.

40 Yard Skip  

The 40-yard skip is the largest in the roll-on-roll skips. It is great for disposing of all kinds of waste and removing many types of waste.



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