Skip Order Services Ltd is always there with its remarkable services trusted by millions of clients across the United Kingdom. Our company offers skips in versatile sizes to meet the needs of customers with different needs. The Skip Hire Neath Port Talbot is an entirely secure, licensed, and consistently competent provider.

Our motto is to provide top-notch services at a reasonable cost. The benefits of comparing services lead to the desired offers, but it takes time. That’s why we are facilitating our clients with a free comparison tool that saves you time. Our goal is to make Neath Port Talbot as environmentally friendly as possible by providing all kinds of waste removal services.


Skip Order Neath Port Talbot


Skip Hire Neath Port Talbot Services

We offer waste regulation services at the most reasonable prices in Neath Port Talbot. All you need is to select the most suitable service to your needs and give us a call, and we will be at your place to support waste management from cleaning to disposal. Skip Order Services Ltd® has millions of satisfied customers and is constantly striving to bring them the best facilities.

Skip Hire

This is the best means to get rid of waste clutter from your home, office, backyards, or anywhere else. At Skip Order Services Ltd®, we have a variety of skip sizes to suit the needs of both sectors, whether domestic or commercial. If you have a lot of debris, you indeed are in a condition to hire a skip that can hold all the Trash Trash effectively. Choose the correct size and dimensions according to your waste disposal requirements, and Skip hire Neath Port Talbot will ship the Skip consistently on the specified date.

Man with a Van

Known for offering the best onboard skip rental services at a reasonable cost, another commendable facility by Skip Order is Man with A Van. We understand that the management of vast amounts of waste requires the assistance of experts, and they are always there to help. Our team will come to you to lend their hands cleaning the Trash Trash at your location and then pick it up for discarding. Moreover, you can secure the skip hire charges by directly taking the exclusive cleaning and waste collection services.

Garbage Removal

Garbage removal is a critical need nowadays, and we are here to help you clean your home, development site, and workplace by removing all the debris. Our services include the removal of all kinds of waste generated during garden development, as well as mechanical destruction. Our service ensures that our skilled team cleans all Trash Trash and productively disposes of wasted material. We will help you with the necessary cleaning at any location you desire, at home or in the office.

Skip Hire Neath Port Talbot Sizes

Skip Order Services Ltd offers a variety of skips for home and business waste disposal at Neath Port Talbot. All skip sizes are available at Skip Order, from the smallest to the largest, that can cater to all kinds of waste regardless of waste type and location. Following are the details for your convenience.

Mini Skip Hire Neath Port Talbot

Mini skips are typically used to dump small amounts of waste from homes and small spaces. It is also suitable for cleaning and renovating the gardens of tiny houses. It is cheaper and can easily fit in a small space. You can get the mini skips in two proper sizes.

Midi Skip Hire Neath Port Talbot

Midi skips are used for cleaning small commercial and residential waste. This Skip can handle moderate waste from cleaning and minimal refurbishment of small properties. Being medium in size, it can be stored neatly and easily fits in limited spaces. Moreover, these are available at a reasonable cost.

Builder Skip Hire Neath Port Talbot

Builder skip is known at construction sites due to their high adaptability to heavy waste. These are widely used in commercial and construction sites, where bulky waste must be removed. Builder skips come in various sizes, including six cubic yards and eight essential, smooth and straightforward giant cubic yards. These sizes allow you to choose the best Skip for your waste management from specific projects.

Maxi Skip Hire Neath Port Talbot

Maxi skips are commercially recommended due to their ability to hold large amounts of mechanical and commercial waste. In addition to these benefits, it is ideal for taking care of large and heavy waste management. Neath Port Talbot offers five sizes of Maxi Skip Hire to meet changing business needs at an utterly affordable cost.

Roll-on roll-off Skip Hire Neath Port Talbot.

Skip Order Services Limited also offers Roro skips in four diverse and huge sizes, and It is the largest Skip available for transporting large amounts of construction waste. Its size ranges from 20 to 40 Yards and is ideal for use in large properties with increasing waste removal requirements for construction and industrial purposes.

Lockable Skip Hire Neath Port Talbot 

Lockable skips are ideal for customers who want to prevent people from accessing their waste. The cost depends entirely on the size and dimensions you choose. Moreover, these are slightly expensive than the regular skips. Lockable skips also help prevent the TrashTrash from being emptied without permission. That’s why lockable skips have become popular in Neath Port Talbot.

Skip Hire Neath Port Talbot Prices

The cost of the Skip depends on its size and dimensions. We provide the most reliable solutions for waste disposal. You can use the comparison tool to compare our services and prices before you book yours.

2 yards skip

A 2-yard skip is sufficient for home use. Homes, offices, nurseries, etc., are places where it can be placed easily.

3-yard skip 

A 3-yard skip is also a type of mini-skip. Used by household customers and small offices to dispose of waste. 

4 Yard skip

The 4-yard midi skip accommodates small refurbishment waste, such as renovations limited to individual rooms and kitchens.

5 Yard skip

Five-yard skips are ideal for throwing away slightly larger commercial or residential TrashTrash.

6 Yards skip

The 6-yard skip is ideal for cleaning residential and commercial debris and s removing construction debris and remodeling debris from properties.

8 Yard skip

Eight yards of skips are perfect if you need to dispose of large amounts of a restaurant or household waste. 

10 Yard skip

The 10-Yard Skip can be used for various purposes, including house cleaning and waste management for small businesses such as offices and parks.

12 Yard Skip

The 12 Yard container is suitable for handling large amounts of waste.

14 Yard skip

The 14-Yard Skip is ideal for discarding heavy and bulky industrial waste.

16 Yard skip

It’s enormous, so it’s suitable for catering to large tasks at construction sites. It is used for modern and commercial purposes where large amounts of waste are delivered. 

18 Yard skip

If you want to throw away a lot of TrashTrash, an 18-yard skip is the best choice. They are big enough to hold a giant trash can.

20 Yards skip

The 20-yard Skip is the smallest Roro container available in the UK. These can carry large amounts of waste.

25 Yard skip

The most significant Skip to carrying some trash bags. It’s great for business and everyday use.

30 Yards skip

The second-largest Roro skip, ideal for commercial purposes. It carries over 300 trash packs easily. 

40 Yards skip

This is the largest and most popular Skip available for large amounts of industrial waste.


The whole process of hiring a skip was so smooth and straightforward that I will use their services more often in the future. 

Rex John

Skip Order Services Ltd® has a very professional and understanding team. They offered me a complete package at a very reasonable price, including all the essential services.