Skip Order Services Ltd® offers you a one-stop solution to all your waste disposal and waste management issues. We recognize that all our customers are unique and have problems with their waste management. Skip Hire Middlesbrough customizes rental skips according to your size, time, purpose, security requirements to meet all our customers on an individual level. This brand invests in bringing you the highest quality skip rental service in Middlesbrough at a very reasonable price. Our conveyance facility is efficient, and our disposal process is eco-friendly, making us one of the safest choices for your Skip rental needs. Our customers are happiest in the market because of our easy-to-use, convenient, affordable, and efficient services.





Skip Order Services Ltd has a list of services for its customers whenever they need, wherever they need. We at Middlesbrough offer instant cleaning trash removal for rent. You can choose to hire the Skip as well as eliminate waste service. You also request a foreperson with a van to solve your waste collection and disposal problems.


We offer skip-hire services of excellent quality and affordable rates at Skip Order Services Limited in Middlesbrough. We have skips of all types and in varying sizes and prices available at Skip Order Services Limited for use in all sectors. You can use these skips for multiple purposes like gardening waste disposal, for use in construction sites, repair, and re-décor areas. Hiring skips in Middlesbrough has become easier than ever before with Skip Order Services Limited, specializing in the expert removal of all kinds of rubbish from your property, whether at a small scale, medium, or large scale. We cater to all sectors and industries, regardless of size. We have successfully catered to clients from all walks of life and sectors of all industries in Middlesbrough and the surrounding areas. 


The man with a van service at Skip Order Services Limited in Middlesbrough includes trash pickup vans with trained professionals in waste management services. They come to your location on demand and carry the debris from your property. They carefully handle all sorts of rubbish to dispose of properly. We offer all kinds of junk cleanup facilities under the umbrella of Skip Order Services Limited. Our helper will help you to move your bulky things and manage your entire house renovation trash.


We at Skip Order Services Limited also offer door-to-door scrap collection services whenever you need them. You no longer need to clean the dirt on your property, and you can call us to remove any rubbish from your property, whether it’s your home, office, restaurant, construction or renovation site, or gardening cleaning.


Skip Order has a wide variety of skip sizes available for any purpose you may require. We have all the dimensions and sizes available in Middlesbrough for all properties and goals in your area at Skip Order Services Ltd. We offer the best quality skips in the market in Middlesbrough at reasonable and affordable prices, no matter what size you require and at what place you require it. The size of the Skip may depend on the size of your property, where you need it to fit, and for what purpose you need it.


Mini skips are the smallest skips available for rent. They are ideal for small households or apartments or can be placed in your home garage, front yard, or back yard as it does not require much space, and it can take small amounts of household waste daily.


Midi skips are slightly larger than mini skips and can hold slightly more trash than mini skips. If you need to clean and pick up a little bit of rubbish from your property, midi skips are suitable for you.


Builder skips are bigger than midi skips and do what the name suggests. This skips can be used to clean up small home décor and minor renovation waste and remove it from your residential property. We provide the best quality builder skips.


Maxi skips are larger than builder skips and can take and carry a significant amount of waste rather than being heavy in size. You can use it to clean the debris of extensive gardens and house renovations.


Roll on Roll off skips in Middlesbrough are more convenient than any other kind of skips available for hire. They can be placed anywhere in the directed location for your convenience and quickly get rid of all kinds of trash. These are the largest skips in the skip sizes. These are most commonly used in large industrial and construction areas.


Lockable skips ensure the right amount of security to prevent litter theft. This prevents access to the waste material stored inside the Skip due to skipping locks and guarantees maximum safety. They come in many shapes and sizes.


At the jaw-dropping prices of skips available at Middlesbrough, you will get our best deals in the town. We offer skips at highly affordable prices to our clients from all sectors and industries.

2 Yard Skip

These are the smallest and most affordable skips offered in the best quality for you and your property. You can use these in your smallest of properties.

3 Yard Skip

These are best for picking up slightly more waste than a 2-yard skip. It is best suited for kitchen and bathroom refits debris.

4 Yard Skip

The 4-yard Skip will be beneficial for you to handle the tiny garden waste.

5-yard Skip

This 5-yard Skip is used to manage the trash from home refurbishments and commercial projects. 

6 Yard Skip

The 6-yard Skip is best to remove any small construction rubble from your construction site, whether commercial or residential. 

8 Yard Skip

The 8 yards skip is popular to dispose of any junk from restaurants, shops, and stores. It is beneficial for construction sites.

10-yard Skip

The 10-yard Skip is used to eliminate all kinds of gardening waste, renovation waste, and business project rubbish.

12 Yard Skip

It is used to dispose of industrial and commercial waste to hold about 120-130 trash bags.

14 yard Skip

Get a 14-yard skip to get rid of industrial use and large amounts of industrial waste.

16 yard Skip

Too heavy and oversized substance removal, get a 16-yard skip, no matter for what property you require it.

18 Yard Skip

Get your hands on an 18-yard skip in case you want to get rid of a hefty amount of leftovers.

20 yard Skip

For getting rid of extra-large waste from your commercial properties and industrial sites, a 20-yard skip is your best bet.

25 yard Skip

For your more critical constructional needs and large-scale industrial projects, a 25-yard skip is your best choice. 

30 Yard Skip

To carry heavy and bulky construction materials, use a 30-yard skip.

40-yard Skip

This Skip is the largest in our skips range. It is best to dispose of large industrial or commercial sectors waste effectively.


Getting rid of waste has never been as easy before. With Skip Order Services Limited, getting rid of all my household trash and construction waste has been more seamless.


Middlesbrough has never had a better rubbish removal agent in our area before. With Skip Order Services Limited, it is easier for me to dispose of all my household trash quickly.


Skip Order Services Limited wind when it comes to excellent customer service and quality skips in varying sizes suitable for different needs. I would highly recommend them.