Are you looking for a skip for rent in Merthyr Tydfil? We are pleased to let you know that you are at the place where you’ll find every solution of trash regulation as stated because Skip Order Services Ltd is the most well-grounded service across the United Kingdom. We are offering the most satisfying skip hire that will victoriously collect all the waste material in Merthyr Tydfil. Our platitude is to give prime to our clients at overwhelming rates. To make your experience more convenient at any skip level in Merthyr Tydfil, we provide support services 24/7. Our company will supply you with the most precise skips at the most affordable prices under your needs and space capacity.





Your confidence in our company allows you to get a solution for coping with scraps at your place. Our services include taking out waste material and making the land clean. We desperately need to finish our job with care and responsibility. We also have a man with a van service that provides you with the most beneficial services right at your doorstep.    


Skips are the appropriate waste collection solution for most households since they are inexpensive and easy to use. Skip hire in Merthyr Tydfil will deliver a worthy skip according to your needs. We always accommodate either family or business; therefore, availability in various sizes makes it uncomplicated for you to track down the appropriate one. Skip Order Services gives you a vast range of skip hire to save you from all sorts of troubles. Place your order now to get the skip delivered quickly. 


Skip Hire Merthyr Tydfil has an overwhelming accommodation for you, “Man with a van”. It does have competitive prices. Our company collects all the trash and also assists in cleaning. All low prices at transportation bring out a great tendency to you because firstly, it provides extensive cleaning and waste removal services and secondly it cuts off the cost of hiring skips. Therefore Man with a van is an excellent deal to get rid of your trash.


Skip Hire Merthyr Tydfil very first and foremost concern is facilitating its clients. Skip Hire Merthyr Tydfil has already aided a large number of customers by performing rubbish removal administration responsibilities. We will feel happy to help you through tidying at your place and workspace. We even incorporate the debris and leftover materials from making a garden or mechanical wastage. Working with a qualified rubbish removal company can make a significant difference in terms of reducing environmental harm because we closely adhere to ecological rules. 


Through Skip hire, Merthyr Tydfil by Skip Order, We are trying our best to serve you most conveniently by allowing you to pick a variety of sizes. Every size is entirely different to give you a choice to converge with your everyday private and commercial demands. 


The Mini skip is the ultimate choice for domestic waste management on a small scale. Like after residence or garden renovations, digging and planting new plants, redesigning a house can cause a considerable amount of litter that needs to be disposed of at the right time. It is an appropriate choice for tackling a small amount of waste from limited clearouts.


A MIDI SKIP is the wisest choice to deal with significant domestic debris. Midi skips can adjust about 45 to 55 bundles of trash. Think for a minute that if you are tidying up your garage or renewing your residence office, you can rent a Midi skip hire Merthyr Tydfil by Franek Services Ltd. It is an excellent choice for your needs.


Are you considering renting a skip at a personal or commercial level? Builder skip Hiring Merthyr Tydfil is the right choice. Builder skip hire is a superb facility if you are renovating your whole house and need to discard the colossal waste. At the business level, it works brilliantly for construction sites where trash is in adequate amounts to be dealt with.


Maxi skip hire Merthyr Tydfil is highly recommended for colossal rubble, as it can be less complex and keep a lot of massive and bulky trash. It is also qualified for holding hefty and gigantic machinery guff. In addition to this, these are highly affordable. We at Merthyr Tydfil provide maxi skips in five diverse sizes.


Roll-on Roll-off skip is startlingly picky for moving immense and significant objects. It is also a  good choice for trash and monstrous machinery removal. We offer four different sizes in RORO skips, with the smallest size of 20 cubic yards. Their huge space makes them ideal skips for discarding waste from industrial and commercial areas.


For populated regions, keeping your skip far away is a chaotic undertaking. It raises the danger of fly-tipping, and in the event of violating loading rules, the addition of disallowed things by others could lead you to suffer the consequences. To keep away from undesirable access and additions to your skips, you can utilise our lockable skips, which hinders unwanted access.


Skip Hire Merthyr Tydfil has always been residents’ priority; our exceptional services and highly competitive prices help us gain the trust of millions of clients across the United Kingdom. In addition to this, we try our best to facilitate the clients to the best; our free comparison tool enables them to discover the best deals. For prices, please go through the details.

2 Yard Skip 

2 Yard Skip is worthy for use at residences, workspaces and gardens. It is the most valuable tool to meet a family’s disposal needs.

3 Yard Skip

It is a prime choice for you from time to time while renovating your workplaces, washrooms and kitchens and so on.

4 Yard Skip 

It is accessible at a reasonable price as it can assist you to remove trash from small offices and residential places. It can conveniently carry about 45 packs of debris.

5 Yard Skip 

The 5-yard skip is capable of carrying moderate waste quantities. Although it’s the least expensive approach to remove debris.

6 Yard Skip

6 Yard Skip is quite a practical debris holder for waste from residence grown and garden clearout projects. It is pretty inexpensive. 

8 Yard Skip 

Development sector clients always prefer 8 Yard Skip. They consistently choose it because of its mechanical sides. Its price is likewise unique when compared to other skips. 

10 Yard Skip 

It is a miniature size of MAXI SKIP. It has vast space to carry junk inside it. Its utility is diverse in Merthyr Tydfil. 

12 Yard Skip 

It is a vast space to carry litter in it. 12 Skip Yard proves to be an incredible option to hold to squander. The cost is meagre.

14 Yard Skip 

14 Yard Skip is worth the hire in Merthyr Tydfilas it could hold up to huge, monstrous piles of waste.

16 Yard Skip 

16 Yard Skip is entirely reliable and can convey magnificent amounts of squander in it.

18 Yard Skip 

It can undoubtedly carry 190 to 200 packs inside it. It is preferable for business scrap.

20 Yard Skip 

20 Yard skip is the most liked size for Roll-on Roll-off skip hire. It can carry heavy and bulky stuff. It is an unprecedented choice in Modern regions. 

25 Yard Skip 

It had proved to be the most splendid Skip as it could comfortably support up to 270-280  piles of wastage.

30 Yard Skip 

The second is the ample size of the Roll-on Roll-off skip. The 30-yard skip is enough to carry waste from buildings and is quite popular in commercial areas.

40 Yard Skip 

40 Yard Skip is a tremendous and magnificent skip that can contain an insanely large amount of trash. It is affordable for commercial and business regions.


The services that they provide are so budget-friendly and efficient. Their client’s service always helps and replies immediately.

John Kelly

I had a glorious experience. They have made my life so convenient. I’ll give them five stars for their services. I highly recommend it to everybody in Merthyr Tydfil. 

Anna Salvatore