Skip hiring in Luton has become easier, more accessible, and cost-friendly since Skip Order Services Ltd has started offering skillful and profitable waste management services here. Hiring a skip, especially for the first time, can become daunting and complicated. Taking this into consideration, we have a complete beginners guide available on our website. Moreover, our proactive and patient customer service is there to help you with your queries regarding skip size, skip permits, skips hire cost, management plan, equipment or vehicles, etc. In less time and money, you will be able to manage your rubbish with the right equipment and ideal skip size.


Skip Order Luton



The Luton provides multiple services for waste management to be more convenient and approachable. Skip Order Services Ltd is focused on becoming more exclusive for all of our customers, which means no matter what kind of a project you have, you will be given the best skip service according to your needs. 


Skip hiring is used for domestic or household projects and on business, commercial and industrial sites where vast amounts of rubbish are produced. Different skip sizes and equipment are needed to carry waste that is produced in various clients’ specific projects. As a well-established licensed firm, we make sure to provide every skip bin size in the best quality possible. We are distinguished from other companies as we offer cost-efficient waste management considering the financial conditions of our customers.


“Man, with a Van” rubbish clearance service is a relatively simple, easy, and sustainable way of disposing of junk. Skip Order Services Ltd is a licensed and responsible company that hires ethical and reliable staff. This means our experienced movers will reach your given property, load your baggage into the truck and bring them to the final destination without you having to worry about anything. A bulk amount of waste can be removed efficiently by this service. However, the “man with a van” service won’t dispose of some hazardous materials due to security, health, and licensing reasons.


Our rubbish removal service is developed in a way that is simple from the start to the end. Our helper can come with a truck called grabber through which your rubbish will be handled. For large amounts of junk, grabbers are used. The other way is by hand, in which our team members will lift the debris all by themselves. To handle small amounts of rubbish, the latter method is standard. You have the option to choose according to your requirements as we provide both these services in an efficient manner. And we manage your trash both from domestic and industrial sites.


The best skip size depends on the amount of junk and how much capacity you have to put the Skip. Choosing an appropriate skip size will save you money and also secure you from mental exhaustion. If you have difficulty in the selection, you can contact our customer service through the online portal.


Evident of the name, mini skips are small in size, but they are surprisingly helpful in several projects, including both domestic and commercial tasks. Domestic customers prefer these skips as they are ideal for DIY projects. 


Midi skips easily handle moderate amounts of rubbish from bedroom and kitchen revamps to yard clear-ups and garden clean-ups. This skips can also use as backups on small businesses or construction sites.


If you require to eliminate large amounts of rubbish from renovation to big construction projects, you need not search further as our builder skip is the ideal Skip for you. They can approximately hold around 60 to 110 black bin bags of leftovers.


Maxi skips are bigger than builder skips, but they are tinier in size than roll-on roll-off skips. This creates them an excellent choice for removing the heavy and massive amount of debris. They can be effective in domestic, industrial, and commercial tasks.


A roll-on roll-off skip is like a huge container. They have the capacity to carry large amounts of heavy and bulky materials in only one go. That is why these skips are environment-friendly and cost-efficient. 


At Worcester-park, those clients want a more reliable method of putting their junk safely outside their home, use a lockable skip to protect your trash safe from problems such as rain and other stealing skips. By using lockable skips, you can limit unauthorized access to your chosen Skip. They can lock use chains. 


A wide range of factors like skip size, the requirement of a permit, the location, and additional services affect skip hire price. Our professional team guides the clients in detail about the skip hire sizes. 

2 Yard Skip

The 2-Yard skips have approximately twenty to twenty-five bin bags, and they can handle almost two tones of waste. It is suitable for small household clearance.

4 Yard Skip

4-Yard Skip can adopt for household and trade use. They are perfect for household clear-outs.  

5 Yard Skip

The 5-Yard Skip is most suitable for property clearance like bathroom refits etc.  

6 Yard Skip

The 6-yard skip can hold about 70 bags of trash, and it can be hired with a drop door and without a drop door.

8 Yard Skip

8-yard Skip is use for construction work, but it can be effective in large property clearances. 

10 Yard Skip

The 10-Yard Skip is ideal for significant tasks, and it can carry bulky materials. 

12 Yard Skip

The 12-Yard Skip is a famous maxi skip appropriate both for industrial and construction use. 

14 Yard Skip

14-Yard is use  commonly on construction sites where a bulk amount of rubbish is produce.  

16 Yard Skip

16-Yard skips are using for large projects like landscaping, complete property clean-outs, building work, etc. 

18 Yard Skip

The 18-Yard Skip is beneficial on industrial warehouses and construction sites. 

20 Yard Skip

Hiring our 20-Yard Skip means you’ve got a suitable option of dealing with a lot of waste quickly in an easy way. 

25 Yard Skip

The 25-Yard Skip is suitable for industrial junk to construction and demolition debris.   

30 Yard Skip

30-Yard Skip is a roll-on roll-off skip use chiefly on business and construction sites. 

40 Yard Skip

The 40-Yard Skip can take almost 400 bags making it exceptionally big. It is a perfect option for large industrial sites.


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