Hire the best skips in Hartlepool at highly affordable rates only from Skip Order Services Limited. We offer the best deals with the best services in town. We offer a variety of skips for Hartlepool customers to keep your area clean and ensure that your construction work goes smoothly. Skip Order has a track record of serving clients from all sectors, including small to large property owners, industrial and commercial clients, tech companies, textile and fabric companies, and other small to large firms operating in Hartlepool.





Skip Order Services Ltd skip hire company offers a variety of services to our valued customers.


One of our signature services includes providing skips in all shapes and sizes for different purposes. We offer the best quality skips at reasonable rates in Hartlepool, capable of letting you dispose of all sorts of trash. The skips available at Skip Order Services Limited are unlike any other in terms of skip customer services, after-sales services, and helping you choose your best fit. You can hire our skips at any time, and we ensure that it is delivered to your location as soon as possible. Skip Order Services Limited is here to assist you with whatever you need.


Man with van service available at Skip Order Services Limited does exactly as implied. Skip Order has a fleet of vans available with trained professionals in picking up and handling all kinds of trash. The helper will help you during your relocation to move your heavy objects. Besides, we also manage your waste efficiently and responsibly. The prices of this service are incredibly affordable.


Trash removal is another service offered at Skip Order Services Limited. Regardless of the kind of trash to be collected, Skip Order is suitable for any kind of job and operation in your area of Hartlepool. Whether your scrap is generated from the domestic or commercial level, it will handle it and clean your places for your ease. Also, Skip Order manages the waste of garden construction regularly.


Skip Order Services Limited provides all kinds of skips in all sizes and dimensions in Hartlepool. You can easily find the Skip size you require for whatever purpose you need. We have a variety of sizes available in skips of the best quality in your area in Hartlepool. We have skips available for gardening waste pickup, small to big home re-décor, and renovation projects, along with construction waste material from commercial and industrial sites, restaurant clean-ups, along hefty amounts of non-hazardous and toxic industrial spillage.


Mini skips fit the size its name implies. It is the smallest in size in terms of skips, and you can easily fit it inside your property without any problems. Can place it wherever you want, whether at your home garage, front yard, or back yard. Mini skips are best for your small residential sites like apartments and cottages.


Midi skips are medium-sized skips. These midi skips are capable of holding slightly more waste than mini skips, including some gardening wastage. Misi Skip is a great way to get rid of a large amount of waste at a reasonable price.


Builder skips can get rid of your waste in the form of construction scraps, gardening waste, dirt piles, and the like. Find builder skips in the correct size at Skip Order Services Limited. In commercial areas, Builders skip hire in Hartlepool quickly removes all the debris and creates a cleaner environment.


These skips are larger than builder skips and can hold more kinds of waste material, like large chunks of construction waste leftover. Maxi skips are of better use in construction sites.


Roll-On-Roll-offs (or RORO) are the kind of skips that are more flexible than other types of skips available at Skip Order Services Limited in Hartlepool. These are available in various sizes for different purposes like picking up renovation and construction waste material. 


These skips are one of the best ways to protect the trash from theft and are also used to protect against unwanted waste. Skip Order Services Ltd in Hartlepool provides Lockable skips in many varieties at a reasonable price.


2 Yard Skip

The 2-yard Skip is the smallest and is perfect for minor location waste like guestrooms, kitchens, and offices. Its cost is also user-friendly. 

3 Yard Skip

It’s a mini skip, and it doesn’t remove so much trash because of its size. Therefore, it is used in small places such as gardens, shops, clinics, homes, and numerous other things.

4 Yard Skip

The 4-yard is a moderate size of Skip, and it doesn’t cost much. Anyone can easily avail the service of this. It has the potential to modernize the home, remove waste from businesses and shops.

5 Yard Skip

A 5-yard skip is helpful when you are remodelling and rebuilding your home. In this case, the medium-sized Skip is the best option for removing the waste.

6 Yard Skip

A 6-yard builder skip is the best way to get rid of a lot of rubbish. It is best used in residential areas where houses, malls, and shops are redesigned.

8 Yard Skip

The 8-yard Skip separates the large and heavy dung piles and rubbish from building spaces and commercial sectors.

10 yard Skip

The 10-yard Skip is the smallest size of the maxi skip. It helps clean industrial and mechanical waste.

12 Yard Skip

Our 12-yard Skip is a vast and solid container for waste and scrap. It helps in carrying large-scale waste and industrial waste manure.

14 yard Skip

The 14 yard Maxi skip is known for removing large amounts of rubbish and trash.

16 Yard Skip

The 16 Yard skip is a large container and can carry a large amount of debris and trash from industrial sites.

18 Yard Skip

It can move the waste from various construction sites and large objects in the existing area. Its price is moderate.

20 yard Skip

This is the most workable size of the roll-on roll-off Skip. Due to its size and expertise, it is well-known in construction sites. It is capable of eliminating industrial waste.

25 yard Skip

The 25-yard Skip can separate all construction waste and industrial waste. It can also carry waste and dung from all mechanical areas.

30 Yard Skip

The 30-yard Skip is also quite large. It is suitable for managing large waste and businesses and construction site waste.

40 yard Skip

The 40-yard Skip is mainly used for industrial and commercial places. Moving large trash and scrap bags inside it is a great idea.

Client Reviews For Skip Hire In Hartlepool

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I love what they are doing at Skip Order Services Limited in Hartlepool to provide 360-degree services in skip hire and trash elimination.


I appreciate all that Skip Order Services Limited is doing to provide the best quality in terms of skips and customer services. I highly impressed by their seamless operations.


You should go to Skip Order Services Limited for all your trash removal needs. I have been going to them for years and have had the best experience every single time.