Are you searching for skip hire services? Skip Order Services Ltd is a company that helps manage the efficient removal of waste for commercial and residential customers throughout the United Kingdom. We are a licensed skip hire service provider with thousands of customers trusting our services across Gwynedd. We have been involved in this skip hire service for years to promote waste management ethics. If you need the best skip hire services in Gwynedd, our company will provide you with standard skip hire services available in your area. Our sole purpose is to provide quality skip hires to our customers and provide high-quality services on time at a reasonable price. All details are mentioned on our website. For any level of support and services related to Skip hire, our 24/7 customer support team is available. Our customer service is our priority.





We are here to provide all the services you need for waste management. All you have to do is choose the right skip hire size; our suppliers ensure fast delivery, and helpers assist you in your cleaning process. We hope we will meet your expectations and you enjoy our services.


Have you thought about hiring skip services in Gwynedd? We are here at your doorstep so that we can provide you with any size you need. Skip hiring is the best option if you want to do any work to improve your home or office. Skip Order Services Ltd offers a broad selection of skips for rent in all sizes, either for a business or household. It is difficult to find a standard skip hire service at a reasonable price. It is a challenging task, but we are here to help you.


Skip Order Services Ltd in Gwynedd offers you the best skip hire services at a very affordable rate with a delivery man. We will provide you with a transport facility with a personal assistant. The man in our company has been assigned to collect waste from your premises at appropriate intervals; and will assist you in handling your trash or delivering your bulky items. To complete this process, our expert workers work very carefully and responsibly. We provide the “Man and a van” service at a reasonable rate.


We can assure you that we will collect your waste from all our customers’ properties and maintain the hygiene standards of the area. Our goal is to give a standard skip hire bin to ensure that our workers collect the waste efficiently. The most regular projects include garden construction or cleaning and daily management of industrial wastes. Whenever you call us, we will direct our team of professionals to your location.


Skip Order Services Ltd® provides quality products and services at very affordable prices. We are providing every type of skips based on your requirements. Skip Order Services Ltd® helps keep the environment neat and clean with its excellent services and products at very fair prices.


The smallest of all the skips is a mini skip. It is used at the most miniature scale for the cleaning of houses and offices. It is best for the use of washroom and kitchen cleaning and also for the mini construction projects.


Midi skip hire is the best use for the considerable amount of trash, like 45 to 55 sacks of scrap. If you want to improve your home or office, then midi skip is best. For cleaning of the yard, construction at lower scale midi skip is used. 


Builder skip is mostly used for commercial and residential customers and can hold large amounts of waste. And, if you want to clean business sites, construction sites, and stores and want to rebuild the entire house or smaller buildings, then the builder skip is best for you. 


Maxi skip is well known commercially because it’s enormous and can hold a significant amount of waste. Therefore, it is used in business sites to construct buildings that have a large amount of waste. Because of its size, it is commonly seen in construction areas for vast amounts of commercial waste and industrial waste collections.


Roll on roll off Skip is very big and used to remove heavy and oversized objects. They are commonly used for large-scale waste disposal at construction sites and transportation of more extensive things. We at Gwynedd provide roll-on roll-off skip hire services at very affordable prices.


Many customers prefer to choose a more secure and more reliable skip if they hire for longer. Lockable Skip is the best choice because they ensure that the waste material protected from any threat. These skips are entirely lockable, which protects them from any unauthorized access.


Skip Order Services Ltd in Gwynedd gives competent and qualified skip hire at an affordable price that regularly collects the wastes and helps keep the environment clean. Our firm provides every type of skip hire size according to your choice and need. We are aiming to offer fantastic services at reasonable prices. 

2 Yard Skip

For the minimal amount of waste like regular household waste, a 2-yard skip is best. It is the smallest Skip.

3 Yard Skip

A 3 Yard skip is more significant than a 2-yard skip in size. It is best for use in the home, workplaces, garden, kitchen, remodeling, and so forth. 

4 Yard Sk

The 4-yard Skip is best to clean the area around four cubic meters. It holds about 45 leftovers sacks. 

5 Yard Skip

They are suitable for clean little places like gardens, little commercial areas and so on. The 5-yard Skip is preferable for business events, homegrown waste, and much more.

6 Yard Skip

6 Yard is unique compared to other skips because it can be for commercial and residential construction and renewal waste removal.

8 Yard Skip

8 yard falls in the category of builder skip. It is excellent for small construction areas. 

10 Yard Skip

For household cleaning, small businesses, parks and offices, 10 yards is the best option. It is the smallest maxi skip.

12 Yard Skip

The 12-yard Skip is  commonly for commercial purposes and large amounts of household waste removal.

14 Yard Skip

For transferring a large amount of waste, a 14-yard skip is the best option. It is available at low prices.

16 Yard Skip

16 Yard skip can hold about 170 to 180 sacks of trash. Can use them for transfer of business waste, large amounts of trash and cleaning purposes. 

18 Yard Skip

18 Yard is more prominent in size and used for the transportation of large amounts of waste. They are mainly for construction sites to hold large items.

20 Yard Skip

A 20-yard skip can hold 15 tons of bulk material. It is for commercial and industrial waste.

25 Yard Skip

25 Yard skip is for industrial operations and construction industries. It is for the movement of large waste materials.

30 Yard Skip

30 Yard skip is perfect where a large amount of waste. The manufacturer and suppliers use it. 

40 Yard Skip

The 40-yards Skip is the largest Skip of all and transfers a heavy amount of waste. It can hold every type of waste.


I am the owner of multiple small businesses, and I am using Skip Order Services Ltd® for my business and home because of their excellent service and good customer care.


Skip Order Services Ltd® gives the best services at reasonable prices. I will highly recommend their services to everyone.

Ben Max

I liked how they dealt with me when I first contacted their team. I wasn’t expecting such a warm response when I first thought about skip-hire services, but impressed by their work.