Are you hunting for a skip hire service in Flintshire? Skip Order Services Ltd is the ultimate solution! We are a renowned licensed company providing skip hire services. We aim to provide professional services to both residential and commercial projects. If you are new in the area or find it difficult to trust some waste management company, we guarantee you to get quality service at an affordable price in Flintshire. Our company provides you with quality service suitable according to your budget. Confused about the perfect skip hire size suited to your waste quantity? You can get detailed insight on skip hire sizes available on our website, and our supporting team will help you select the particular size.






Customer satisfaction is essential to ensure that our customers at Fernek receive the most convenient skip bin hire service. We aim to satiate all your needs related to skip bins hire. Our service includes property cleaning, rubbish removal and trash collection. Choosing the size of the skip bin is on you, and we deliver the skip bin to your doorstep immediately. Mention your needs today, and our executive will get back to you fast.


One of the most exclusive services at Fernek remains, its assurance in providing a helper to assist you in your work. We are here to help you in managing waste and handling heavy items quickly and smoothly. Avail of our ‘Man with a Van’ service at the fairest rate. Our aim is a cleaner environment, and we believe in sustainable living. 


If you take advantage of our rubbish removal service in Flintshire, we assure you that you will receive all possible assistance with waste management issues by the end of the project. We do not limit our services only to providing skip hire bins at your property, and we also ensure timely waste collection for all our clients. No matter if it is your kitchen renovation and garden cleanup, we do it for you. 


Skip Order Services Ltd is one solution to all waste management services. Renting your skip hire within minutes is an option, and you receive it at your place that day itself. Worrying about the suitable size, we provide a wide range of skip hire sizes based on your requirements and budget. Our skip hire bins range from mini or small skips to huge and most enormous skips and are readily available for our customers throughout the year. 


This skip hire bin we are providing is perfect for smaller projects such as kitchen renovation, regular garden waste accumulation and other household events. Introducing the best feature of Mini skip hire a bin, it’s convenient to manage small homes’ trash  and it quickly gets fitted at any place. 


Midi skip presents a medium-sized skip with a bigger carrying capacity than that of mini skip bins. Approximately these skip hire bins can hold 45 to 55 bags of trash easily. It does not create massive issues in space coordination too. For projects like extensive garden cleanup, house renovation, or kitchen and bathroom remodelling, Midi size is a perfect choice. 


Builder skip size is mostly seen in commercial sites. Simultaneously, it is used for big household projects. For shifting your house, you need a lot of space to accommodate trash for consecutive days, and the builder skip size is a perfect choice here. The standard length of the builder skip can take mainly 60-110 black bin bags of trash. 


Maxi skip bin is best for large factories for handling tons of weight regularly. They are also used by big construction companies and are suitable for the storage of heavy trash. It is most commonly seen at industrial places or building construction sites. At Skip Order, we have tie-ups with big and reputed industrial firms. We also provide them with the best maxi skip hire services.


Compared with other skip hire bin sizes, RORO skip bins are always a cost-effective option. Though it caters to large and bulky rubbish removal objects, this skip bin can be quickly loaded and used. The largest ROLL ON -ROLL OFF skip bins are a guaranteed saviour for multi-sectional factories.


An intelligent choice such as Lockable skip hire is for preventing the waste from unauthorized access. The trash cannot stolen as it secures it. Lockable skip comes with a lock strip that protects your waste and your hired skip bin.


2 Yard Skip  

2 Yard skips are ideal for household use. Homes, Offices, gardens, kitchen

3 Yard Skip 

They are affordable in range; this skip hire size is ideal for time to time.

4 Yard Skip 

Midi skip can carry up to 45 sacks of trash for household and small commercial

5 Yard Skip 

Slightly bigger, this helps you handle waste for business parties, house shifting, and events and so on.

6 Yard Skip 

 Extremely efficient, 6-yard skip used in events like big garden clean up and kitchen renovations.

8 Yard Skip

Most preferably, this is for modern and homegrown scrap lifters. Its cost is reasonable and is readily available in Flintshire.

10 Yard Skip  

It is the primary size of the Maxi skip. Ideal for new ventures or start-ups, this skip hire can hold a medium level of trash.

12 Yard Skip 

Long-lasting, this size skip yard caters to commercial purposes and tackles a handsome waste.

14 Yard Skip 

This ensures tackling heavy trash objects and is extremely useful in commercial projects.

16 Yard Skip

Having a capacity for more than 170-180 bags of trash, a 16-yard skip is mostly used as a perfect waste management tool for keeping the heavy machinery and broken furniture items.

18 Yard Skip 

Mostly found at construction sites to collect heavy materials, 18-yard skip size comes with gigantic space.

20 Yard Skip 

Wastes that may be heavy and large are to keep in this skip. This skip is commonly for managing domestic and commercial waste.

25 Yard Skip  

The 25-yard skip is essential for big factories and industries. This skip hire bin can carry around 270-280 bags of trash.

30 Yard Skip 

It is  for business purposes and mainly for industrial waste; it can hold more than 300-310 packs of trash and is an economical option.

40 Yard Skip 

The biggest waste carrier is commonly visible in industrial properties for carrying heavy industrial liquid and material scraps. It is an economical choice for commercial purposes.

Client Reviews


5 stars for their appreciable service throughout the completion of my project. You can surely trust them.


I am particular about hygiene, and waste management means a lot to me. At Skip Order, you can easily rent skip bins anywhere you require. Also, the team maintains its professionalism.


I would thank Skip Order Services for helping me out with my bathroom remodelling project. They sent me a personal helper who managed the waste pretty well, and everything was sorted. I like their service.