Surfing for the best skip hire in your area? We have got the best solution for you. Skip Order Services Ltd is here to provide you with all sorts of getting rid of trash services. We have our fully trained team ready to assist you with any help you need to discard your waste. Our success rate is incredible in handling all operations in terms of effective and efficient trash removal services to our clients in East Dunbartonshire.

When it comes to customer care and providing quality skips to our clients, our company is a trusted name in the market. We have efficiently coordinated all our functions at Skip Order and are always here to provide you with the best services.





Our services include skipping hire, man-with-a-van service, and scrap elimination service at affordable prices. Skip Hire Leigh has been performing above and beyond the years to be excellent at their specific services. Check out the benefits to choose the right one for you.


We provide skip hire services in your area in Working in different sizes and structures. We ensure to provide our clients with the best quality when it comes to skip hire, one of our specialized services offered under the roof of Skip Order Services Limited. Skip hire is the ideal decision for eliminating homegrown and commercial waste that undermines our current circumstances. It implies that it will assist you with hugely saving your efforts as it works in the speediest conceivable manner.


The man-with-a-van service operates with a debris pick-up van with a man trained in trash cleaning and collection from your doorstep. We offer pick-up without waste spillage as we have to keep our surroundings and environment clean and healthy. Man with a van service is highly affordable as it cuts off the cost by eliminating the need to hire a skip for dumping.


We are offering effective trash removal services across East Dunbartonshire. Whether the waste is created from homegrown and business areas, we consider dealing with your debris. Save your valuable time and utilize it on productive activities to accomplish something worthwhile, keeping us confident in killing the trash and waste according to your necessities from the spaces you need. 


We offer a range of skips in sizes suitable for dumping all kinds of waste such as household trash, gardening waste material, restaurant waste, and small to large commercial and industrial construction waste disposal. Our variety of sizes available for skip hire is quite diverse.


The smallest size available at Skip Order Services Limited is Mini skip hire, used for carrying small amounts of household trash. These are available in two sizes, the 2-yard Skip and the 3-yard Skip. If your daily dumping need is less, then mini skip hire is the size most suitable for it.


These Midi skips are bigger than mini skips and contain a moderate amount of waste, usually enough to dump small renovation trash. You can use the midi skips for dumping gardening waste material or even your daily household trash if slightly more in quantity.


Builder skips are frequently preferred in construction projects. These skips can carry huge waste like concrete, blocks, substantial squares and other such weighty trash. These skips are accessible in two variations. Builder skips have drop edges to make it simple to slide heavyweight inside the Skip.


Maxi skips are more spacious than builder skips and are capable of handling more waste material than builder skips. You can use maxi skips in your commercial projects, which might leave gigantic chunks of waste material in its wake. These are available in five different sizes with a maximum length of 18-yards.


The great choice to dump epic waste material is to choose RORO skip hire. Many individuals choose to skip hire as appropriate for mechanical and modern levels. Hence, RORO skip is the most reliable way of conveying all the junk and waste material in one spot. Our company offers these skips at a genuinely reasonable expense.


Lockable skips are becoming well known in East Dunbartonshire since it approves the waste guideline guaranteeing no undesirable junk is added to your Skip. Additionally, these are the best solutions to prevent rubbish from being taken out without your permission.


2 Yard Skip

The 2-yard skip is the smallest Skip available across East Dunbartonshire. It is used to dump domestic waste for smaller areas.

3 Yard Skip

The second size in our mini Skip is a 3-yard skip, and it is preferred to discard a significant amount of household trash.

4 Yard Skip

It is a moderate size of Skip. It has more capacity to remove the waste of home modernizations, business places, and shops.

5 Yard Skip

A 5-yard medium skip is the most reasonable Skip. It has a considerable capacity to eliminate waste and rubbish from homegrown locations, businesses, and corporate locales, and so on 

6 Yard Skip

It is best used in a residential area where houses, malls, buildings, and shops are redesigned. In these areas, builders skip is helpful to take off all the litter.

8 Yard Skip

Use the 8-yard Skip to dispose of any restaurant junk and waste. 

10-yard Skip

10-yard Skip is the nominal size of the Maxi skip. It helps to eliminate industrial and mechanical trash. You can hire a maxi skip to clean heavy industrial materials.

12 Yard Skip

 12 Yard skips are one of the most renowned. Vast amounts of waste like metal and plastics can be obliged in it.

14 yard Skip

The 14 yard Maxi skip is famous for eliminating an immense quantity of junk and trash.

16 Yard Skip

A lot of business wastage can be managed with a 16-yard skip. These are huge, and important things can undoubtedly be dumped in them.

18 Yard Skip

It can carry various construction and vast items muck or waste in the current region. Its cost is moderate. 

20 yard Skip

The 20-yard Skip is the smallest size of the RORO skip and is perfect for construction sites due to its dumping capacity.

25 yard Skip

A 25-yard roll-on roll-off skip is also size in RORO skip. It is practical to take out the trash of development and business work. It has enormous space to hold 270-280  waste packs.

30 Yard Skip

For carrying heavier and bulky amounts of construction material, use a 30-yard skip.  

40 yard Skip

 It is a vast skip to shift extensive bags of trash and scrap inside it. It is mainly useful for industrial or commercial space.

Client Reviews for Skip Hire in East Dunbartonshire

Skip Order Services Limited has always been my first choice for waste removal and ease of disposal systems. They provide their services in a timely fashion.



The dealing of Skip Order Services has been the best part of my experience. They have proven themselves to me each time.



Skip Order Services Limited is doing a fantastic job, and I would highly recommend them.