Skip Order Services Limited in Dorset is a one-stop-shop for all kinds of trash removal and pickup and trash elimination services, as well as all your skip hire needs. We provide all these services under one roof for multiple clients and multiple types of properties. Skip Order prides itself on serving clients from all industries and providing the best quality services in all fields. Significantly, you choose an excellent company to hold anything to do with Skip Hire, as your Skip Hire repair must handle hazardous or potentially unsafe materials with care and notice.





Present simple to use services, and we touch all the directions and formalities necessary for your job, so you can now sit back and relax even as our team gets on with the challenging work! Skip Order Services Ltd makes everything as simple as possible for our consumers by organizing any official procedure and permits necessary for each job.


Under skip hire services, Skip Order Services Limited offers a wide variety of skips in multiple sizes and the best quality available in the market at highly reasonable prices for all our clients. Skip hire services at Dorset, and we have what it takes when it comes to effective cleanliness with professionalism and provide our skip hire services in a timely fashion.


The man with van service available at Skip Order Services Limited includes multiple waste pickup vans and a driver who is also a trained professional inefficiently dealing with different kinds of waste material. We are available on-call at your door to move  items from one location to another, pick up the trash, and then clean the place.


We care for the environment, and we are aware that the whole world is undergoing a global crisis. Our priority is to build a clean environment. We are taking the necessary steps to ensure that we collect the waste from our clients’ property and take care of the hygienic scale of the place. Skip Order collects garbage from both residential and commercial workplaces at Aberdeen City. Our skip hire services range from providing skip hire to ensuring that our trained workers properly collect the accumulated waste. You need to call us once; we will promptly direct our team of professional workers to your location.


Trash removal service is another add-on service available at Skip Order Service Limited, where you can request the cleanliness of your property at any time you require. It entails picking up scrap piles and any amount of dirt pileup removal from your property, whether residential or commercial. We ensure that trash is removed in a highly efficient and professional manner and done exactly as you require it.


Mini skips are the smallest skips available capable of efficiently getting rid of all your household waste and piles of debris.


Midi skips are slightly bigger than mini skips and can hold more considerable amounts of trash than a mini skip.


Builder skips available for hire in Dorset are better suited for picking up more significant amounts of trash from multiple sites. It can be either residential or commercial.


Maxi skips are more suitable for more significant commercial construction projects as they can carry heavier amounts of waste related to construction rubble and vast chunks of construction material.


Roll-on Roll- offs are more flexible types of skips, carry considerable amounts of waste of different kinds, and are available in different sizes for use wherever you need them to be. These are the most suitable kinds of skips for hire in Dorset.


Lockable skips are very popular skips throughout the UK. These skips are used to protect from waste being added into the Skip without consent. Lockable skips are covered, and its lock strips secure the trash from theft. These are available in many shapes and volumes.


Our company works by maintaining all the legal measures at Aberdeen City. We offer top-notch services at very affordable rates with quick delivery. Our prices are entirely aligned with the skip sizes.

2 Yard Skip

If you do not require heavier waste cleanups, you can use a 2-yard skip to pick up small amounts of waste from your homes.

3 Yard Skip

You may use these to pick up slightly more waste material than a 2-yard skip. It is best for kitchen and bathroom refits.

4 Yard Skip

You can quickly think of it for slightly more trash removal needs. The 4-yard Skip is used for small garden waste removal and room renovation projects.

5 Yard Skip

5-yard skips are more suitable for picking up trash from minor repair worksites and getting rid of gardening waste.

6 Yard Skip

6-yard skips are an excellent option for you and your property if you need to get rid of fewer amounts of construction waste. These can be residential or commercial, depending on the part of trash required to be removed.

8 Yard Skip

8-yard skips are more significant and better for picking up debris related to commercial site cleanups.

10 Yard Skip

10-yard skips are even more effective than 8-yard skips and are more suited for picking up hefty volumes of trash and used for large renovation tasks.

12 Yard Skip

12-yard skips are ideal for picking up dirt piles and getting rid of construction waste from commercial or industrial sites.

14 Yard Skip

The price of a 14-yard skip starts at £500 and are suitable quality skips for holding more significant amounts of trash from industrial sites and construction sites.

16 Yard Skip

Our 16-yard Skip is the best choice for handling heavy machinery and large amounts of waste.

18 Yard Skip

These are for you if you have bigger commercial and industrial projects coming up your way. It has more space for carrying heavy items.

20 Yard Skip

You should hire a 20-yard skip to eliminate extra-large items and handle large amounts of waste from industrial sites.

25 Yard Skip

The 25-yard skip is capable of carrying large amounts of waste material, which is heavy.

30 Yard Skip

The 30-yard Skip is for getting rid of sizable industrial waste and entire home renovations waste.

40 Yard Skip

The 40-yard Skip is the largest. These are convenient to use for the waste removal of large industrial sites.

 Client Reviews for Skip Hire in Dorset

Thumbs up for all their skip hire and trash removal services with Excellency and served promptly.


They provide not just skips but scrap removal and trash pickup services, which puts them at the top of their game.


Skip Order Services Limited has won me as their loyal client between skip hire availability and effective trash removal services.