Are you looking for the best waste management solutions? Then you are at the right place. Skip Order Services Ltd provides innovative skip hire services at pretty affordable prices. Skip Order has been in the skip hire service business for quite some time, and we have gathered an expertise in this field. If you are looking for skip hire facilities in Derby and other parts of England, we are right here to help you with that. We have trained and experienced personnel who will provide you with the best service. Our skips come in different sizes suitable for different needs. 

We aim to provide you with excellent skip hire services at lucrative prices. If you are located in and around Derby, our enterprise will give you the best skip hire services suiting your necessity. We follow proper environmental guidelines for waste disposal, further keeping the environment clean and reducing pollution. Further information is just a click away on our website with its cost.





Why should you even choose us when plenty of other firms provide the same skip hire service? The lucrative deals and expertise in this field are undoubtedly much better than any other firm can provide. The variety of our services includes removal of rubbish and thoroughly cleaning your place. We even have an exceptional service called “the man with a van” where we send our workers right to your doorstep for the cleanup services.


Skip Order Services Ltd at Derby provides skip hire services at different sizes specially designed for your particular needs, ranging from very small to very large, covering household cleaning purposes to commercial ones. We have designed the skip dimensions according to your specific demands.   


One of our most popular services wherein we send our workers wherever you ask for with a van for waste collection, cleaning, and house shifting. It is even more popular because our rates for this service are affordable.   


To keep the environment clean and a better place to live in, we aim to provide the best waste management solutions by collecting your waste. Our services are collecting your waste, be it from your office or your home. From Domestic to commercial waste, we clean everything according to your ease. 


Skip Order specializes in offering skip hire services to meet your demand; that is why you love and use our services. Our skip sizes are available in different sizes based on the amount of rubbish to be collected. The bigger sizes are most suited for industrial waste, and the smaller ones are generally for domestic scrap. The rates of our services are relatively lesser than other service providers making it even easier for you to choose us. Our prices might be lesser than others but what we do not compromise is quality.


The comparatively smaller skip, compared to others, is the MINI Skip. It is best suited for home-based or domestic cleanup. If you have recently partly renovated your home or need your garden waste removal or something on a small scale, then you can go with a mini skip.


If you have a medium amount of waste to deal with, this might be the right choice for you. The waste is collected in 40-60 bags. If you are dealing with garden debris or leftover waste from your home redecoration, then MIDI Skip is sufficient.


The size of the BUILDER Skip is somewhere suitable for domestic as well as commercial waste removal. The builder skip is perfect for waste generated from a total home makeover or something of that magnitude. This size is apt for where the amount of trash is more than midi skips. 


For commercial or industrial scale clean up the MAXI Skip is highly proclaimed because of its capacity to carry a colossal amount of trash usually generated from industries. We have the best prices for the MAXI Skip with delivery service as well.


Skip Order also has the RORO Skip service, which is a cost-effective one. It has the capacity of carrying a considerably large amount of trash. 


Customers want a secure method of keeping their waste secure. Lockable skip hire is the only choice to avoid the unwanted debris that prevents them from being added to the hired skip. These skips come with strips and lids to secure their waste from theft. 


Skip Order Services Limited is a world-class firm when it comes to skip hire services. Our company provide premium quality service at really affordable rates. We even offer super fast delivery of services. We provide proper guidance to our customers as well.

2 Yard Skip

The 2-yard skip is the best choice if you need cleaning of leftovers generated from minor home decor and other trash generated from small-scale activities like partial home decor debris. 

3 Yard Skip

 The 3-yard skip will most likely be enough if you have debris from the kitchen or washroom decoration.

4 Yard Skip

 Most likely suited for waste generated from gardening activities. 

5 Yard Skip

Our 5-yard skip is the perfect one if you need to clean up trash from your commercial shop or household.

6 Yard Skip

The 6-yard skip is the best when it comes to both business and household construction leftovers.

8 Yard Skip

8-Yard Skip is effective in cleaning up your domestic trash and also from shops or restaurants.

10 Yard Skip

Domestic spaces and small business spaces, parks waste removal is what the 10-yard skip does best. 

12 Yard Skip

Commercial waste management can be quite a frenetic task. We have the 12-yard skip to solve that, especially when the junk is in a vast amount.

14 Yard Skip

For large and heavy amounts of trash, the 14-yard skip is ideally suited.

16 Yard Skip

The 16-yard skip is the best choice if you need more capacity to carry heavy machinery and furniture.

18 Yard Skip

Often used in construction sites as it tends to carry a colossal amount of waste. The 18-yard skip does construction site-related debris clean up pretty well. 

20 Yard Skip

The yard-20 skip is demanded on construction and industrial sites where massive amounts of debris are generated. 

25 Yard Skip

The 25-yard skip has been chosen repeatedly for large-scale projects, especially if you are coping with post-construction mucks.

30 Yard Skip

It is preferable for even larger commercial projects that generate colossal amounts of trash.

40 Yard Skip

The 40-yard is primarily for those who need help managing waste, which is heavy and difficult to dispose of industrial trash.


The services provided by Skip Order Services Ltd are remarkable. I had my small office space renovated, and I was confused about the right size of skip for cleaning up. The executives of Skip Order properly guided me and even provided a discount. I am delighted by their expertise and the way they deal with and treat their clients.

Yakob Morrison

To begin with, I am thrilled with their work. I shifted to a new place in Derby, did some home decoration, and needed help with the trash generated. I booked the same-day service, and they showed up at my doorstep right on time and adequately cleaned everything up.

Andrew Wilkinson

Kudos to Skip Order for the A-class skip hire service in Derby. The entire team is very hardworking!

Arnold Vergara