Suppose you are looking for an expert and capable skip hire service in County Tyrone that is authentic and professional in its work and also economical. Well, I am more than happy to let you know that you’ve reached the most trusted place, prioritizing customer satisfaction and time. Our company will offer you a vast range of skip sizes that best suits your needs at an affordable price. 

Farnek Services Ltd will help you in choosing what exactly matches your requirements. You can ask all the queries from our customer support, working 24/7 to ensure your convenience. We are dedicated to our work, and we highly care for our customer’s demands.





Farnek Services Ltd is wholly licensed, and we have experience working with a lot of local councils. We provide you with the best waste removal services that include extra equipment like locks and trash removal. Hiring our service will save your time and energy. It will also make your work easier. 


Skip hire is the best choice for removing domestic and industrial waste that threatens our environment. Farnek Services Ltd is in County Tyrone, to do everything from handling scrap to collecting it and then cleaning your place. It means that it will help you immensely save your effort as it is appropriately managed and works in the quickest way possible.  In County Tyrone, we offer a wide range of Skip hire bin sizes according to your waste requirements. All the specifications and details of skips are listed on our website, and you can choose the right size from there.


“Man, with a van” is one of the facilities we provide to facilitate our customers. Farnek Services Ltd is offering this brilliant service to ensure our customers do not worry about anything at all. We will help you with everything from moving your bulky home items to managing your trash. Do this to maintain your trust in our honest and transparent services. Most importantly, we are providing this service at a low cost.


Environment protection is always kept in mind when it comes to our services. We take great care in managing your waste, even if the waste is from the domestic and commercial sectors. When the Skip is complete, we remove the loaded skips from your place, and our worker cleans the site for you. 


We at County Tyrone want to get clients’ work done to get their needs met according to their satisfaction. Farnek Services Ltd has a wide variety of skip sizes that give skips based on their needs. To do our work professionally and provide the best outcome are our company’s core beliefs.


The smallest-sized Skip is called the mini Skip. They are pretty helpful when you have only a tiny amount of debris. It is best for those areas that are not big and quite restricted. For a variety of commercial and residential waste jobs, it can be used. Skip hire services also make use of the mini Skip with the larger skips.


Midi skips are a bit larger than mini skips, and they are pretty famous. As its size tells, a moderate amount of trash can be dealt with. You can use it for the removal of both domestic and commercial scrap. Because of their size, they are called versatile skips.


Its name shows that it is pretty significant in its size and is often used for builders. They are found in different skip sizes, and mainly, they are used to remove a large amount of waste, e.g. construction waste. They are used to deal with heavy items.


Maxi Skip hire is best for domestic use and is also great for industrial and commercial use. They are available in multiple skip sizes and are made to handle bulky items, and they help manage waste generated from large home decor.


Roll-On-Roll-Off skips are big waste containers that are built in a way to accommodate a bulk amount of waste. They have a lot of advantages as their big size allows them to carry a lot. Our company offers them at a very affordable cost. They are also time-saving.


Lockable skip hire service is helpful as it is the only Skip that allows our customers to prevent someone’s waste from being thrown in their Skip. Even though it’s a bit expensive compared to other skips, it is worth the price if we consider its numerous advantages.


Many skip sizes are available in Farnek Services Ltd that is specifically included to ensure the convenience of our customers. We provide quality skips keeping in mind their needs at cheap rates.

2 Yard Skip

Our 2-yard skip is the smallest and is commonly used for domestic use, such as gardening. Because of their size, they are relatively easy to use. 

3 Yard Skip

It is perfect for a small amount of waste. It is one of the most cost-friendly skips and is mainly used in renovation projects.

4 Yard Skip

4 Yard skip is easy and practical, particularly in projects like bathroom or kitchen refits. It is also very convenient to use. Its size is moderate. 

5 Yard Skip

It is used to accommodate a considerate quantity of wastage. It can be used for numerous tasks, including home improvements.

6 Yard Skip

It is considered to be the authentic builder Skip. Moderate-sized projects can easily be managed with a 6 Yard skip.

7 Yard Skip

Those rather big projects, like large household projects, make use of the 7 Yard skip. It can also be used for domestic waste. 

8 Yard Skip

These are called “builders skip”. It is most commonly used for heavy wastes such as rubble and concrete. 

10 Yard Skip

It is used for bulk amounts of scrap. These are quite versatile and help you in various jobs. 10-yard skips can be called Maxi Skips. 

12 Yard Skip

12 Yard skips are one of the most famous. Large quantities of waste like metal and plastics can be handled in it.

14 Yard Skip

It is suitable for general heavy wastage like attic clearances etc. These are multi-purposed skips and can be used for commercial purposes. 

16 Yard SkipSkip

A large amount of commercial wastage can be dealt with. These are pretty large, and can easily contain heavy trash material. 

18 Yard SkipSkip

These are normally restrained for a substantial amount. Thus, 18-yard skips are perfect in building and construction. 

20 Yard Skip

A large and bulky quantity of waste is removed through a 20 Yard skip. They are one of the largest skips available. 

25 Yard Skip

The 25-yard skips are commonly used in industrial operations and construction projects. You can get rid of a lot of wastage with only one of these.

30 Yard Skip

They are used to get rid of construction debris, bulky materials, and heavy things. Big projects often make use of this kind of Skip. 

40 Yard Skip

40-yard Skip is the massive Skip available in the skip hire service. 40 Yard skips often remove gigantic amounts of waste, such as in industrial projects. Many items that cannot be thrown in other skips can be removed, such as asbestos and paint.


Skip Order gives the best service I have ever taken. The customer service was excellent as they were making sure to guide me in the best way possible. I am more than satisfied, and I will again use their trash management service. 


I am happy with the way your company works. The workers were very humble and convenient to deal with. Skip Order Services Ltd gives a lot of importance to its customers.