Waste management can be quite a difficult task. Skip Order Service Limited presents you with the best skip hire services at budget-friendly rates to solve this problem. We are an authorized company with offices in County Londonderry and numerous other places in The United Kingdom. Our skip hire services are affordable and available in different skip sizes according to your needs. You may select them.

The benefits are of premium quality, and our workers are appropriately skilled and trained. When it comes to skip hire services, you can trust us to give you the best service in County Londonderry. For more information on skip hire services, we have all our services available on our website. Plus, if you need assistance regarding anything, we will always be happy to help you out. The prices of our services are also available on our website along with the different sizes of skips. Our root aim is to assist you in managing your waste in the best possible and affordable way.





Our services vary from collecting debris from households to industries. Our company has our services at your disposal if you have recently redecorated your entire house or just a part of it, like the kitchen. We will ensure proper collection of all the leftover debris from your home renovation and its disposal as well. We also provide skip hire services to industries and other commercial places like offices or construction sites. For any queries, reach us through a call or visit our website. We have same-day service for urgent requirements as well.


Skip Order Services Limited is well equipped with proper tools and skilled workers to ensure you get quality skip hire service at County Londonderry. You need to select the correct size as per your requirement, and we will be there at your doorstep. Even if you need guidance in choosing the right skip size, we can help you out.

The Man With The Van

Skip Order has this unique service that is popularly known as “man with the van”. If you book this service, we will send our representative with a waste collecting vehicle right to your doorstep to collect the waste and clean your place. In the process of home shifting, they will also take responsibility to move your heavy machinery or items.

Rubbish Removal

We have always prioritized sustainable waste management. Here at Skip Order Services Ltd, we dispose of waste materials, especially the ones involving risk. We follow the directives prescribed by the local authorities for waste disposal. We are an efficient enterprise when it comes to skip hire service. Our company developed a holistic system of waste management. We ensure services to anyone, be it your home or your workplace. Our facilitation of waste collection comprises waste collection from various small-scale to large-scale setups. It can be your office and home or any other commercial set up in County Londonderry. 

County Londonderry Skip Hire Sizes

Skip Order Services Ltd. ensures the best in class waste management facility at unbelievable rates. The skip hire services we present to you are available in different sizes, ranging from minor to larger setups. If you compare our rates to any other skip hire service provider in County Londonderry, you will see a drastic difference. Our rates are much cheaper, and we managed to lower our profit margins only for you. Our expertise in this sphere is what makes us better than any other. On top of that,the love you have for us is what makes our work even more challenging. Our Skip Sizes are as follows:


It is called MINI Skip for a reason as it is the smallest of all. The mini Skip has been chosen repeatedly for small setups like the home decoration, garden. It essentially complements your small home projects such as garden, bathroom, kitchen renovations, and other small home constructions. Mini Skip is an excellent choice for tiny houses.


MIDI SKIP mainly deals with moderate amounts of waste. And The Midi Skip is precisely what you need. Waste collection is done in 40 to 60 bags. Suitable for garden cleaning or any other kind of home decoration waste management.


This size is enough for domestic discards and small to medium quantities of waste generated from industries. If you are shifting your house or just wholly renovating it, this is the appropriate choice. For business sites where the discarded material is medium to a little more in amount, Builder Skip is the correct size. 


For commercial-scale setups, Maxi Skip is the most feasible where collecting large-scale commercial waste is required. We have made Maxi skip for large-scale commercial grade waste collection at relatively affordable prices available to you.


Skip Order Service Ltd. also has RORO Skip hire services required to remove heavy and bulky waste, which is most likely generated from rich industrial sites. It can carry heavy items of this type for most heavy industrial locations and comprehensive disposable materials.


This skip hire is for those who want to keep their trash safe from theft. LOCKABLE SKIPS HIRE achieves customer satisfaction in many ways. Its purpose is to prevent unwanted waste from being added to your Skip without your permission. Skip Order offers you lockable Skip in many shapes and dimensions, and you can select from them based on your needs.


Skip Order Services Limited is well known for its efficient and inexpensive waste management solutions. We ensure you get the best skip hire in County Londonderry at low-end rates. Our executives are here to guide you in selecting the proper size of the Skip. We make sure you enjoy super fast delivery of our services, and we have the same-day delivery facility as well, wherever you might be located in County Londonderry.

2 Yard Skip 

The 2-yard skips are what you need for small home decor and other smaller-scale waste management. 

3 Yard Skip                                                   

For bathrooms, kitchen or any other space of your home, the 3-yard Skip is enough.

4 Yard Skip                                  

 If garden waste removal is your concern, then go for a 4-yard skip.

5 Yard Skip                                                                                                 

Our 5-yard Skip is the perfect selection for managing scraps generated from any commercial space or just your home.

6 Yard Skip 

The 6-yard Skip is the appropriate selection for both business and household construction leftover junk removal.

8 Yard Skip 

8-Yard Skip is effective if you want your domestic scrap removed as well as scums from any shops or restaurants.

10 Yard Skip                                                

Domestic spaces and small business spaces, parks generate waste as well. The 10-yard Skip is what is for that.

12 Yard Skip 

Commercial waste management is what a 12-yard skip is best suited for, especially when the junk is quite a lot.

14 Yard Skip                                              

14-yard skip hire services needed when the junk is heavy and oversized.

16 Yard Skip    

The 16-yard skip hire is essential for large domestic tasks. It is best for removing construction waste, home items or broken furniture.                                        

18 Yard Skip                                             

Often used in construction sites for heavy waste removal, the 18-yard Skip in this regard is apt.  

20 Yard Skip                                             

Our yard-20 skip hire is famous for ample site clearance, renovations, and large commercial tasks.

25 Yard Skip                                              

The 25-yard Skip is  for large-scale projects, especially debris created from construction activities.

30 Yard Skip     

It is for even larger commercial projects that generate even more waste materials.

40 Yard Skip                                                  

40-yard is fundamentally for heavy and difficult to manage industrial leftovers.


The service Skip Order provides is truly worth applauding. I renovated my office space, and they took responsibility for removing the leftovers generated from it. They cleaned the entire area efficiently and adequately. 

-Sussan Richards

Frankly, their claim of being the best skip hire service provider is valid. I am content and utterly pleased with their level of expertise and professionalism. I would recommend Skip Order when it comes to skip hire service.

Richard Walrus

Skip Order Services Ltd has put a great deal of effort into being the best skip hire service provider in County Londonderry. Hats off for their actions and how they treat their clients.

Sydney Weber