Skip Order Services Limited is the most trustworthy skip hire service provider in the town of County Durham. We propose to serve your waste management needs in a very cost-friendly manner. We are a registered company here at County Durham, and waste disposal services are eco-friendly. Our skips are prepared in different sizes, satisfying every possible need. 

We strive to give you excellent waste management solutions at pocket-friendly rates, and you will choose and enjoy our services. Our costs and the details of our services are provided on our website for your convenience. On the other hand, we have a brilliant tech support team to solve your queries.





Once you choose us for your waste management needs, Skip Order will make sure to provide you with the best skip hire service at the best possible rates so that you won’t have any regrets. Our services include a man with a van, a doorstep service, and a rubbish removal service where we remove your trash from anywhere you want. 


Skip Order is County Durham’s best skip hire services provider to follow the proper waste management ethics to reduce pollution and achieve a sustainable environment. For all the information regarding our Skip hire services and skip sizes, you may visit our website; you can also find all the details regarding costs. Furthermore, you can book a service according to your needs. 


Skip Order introduces to you a man with a van service where our representative will collect and dispose of your trash for you right at your doorstep. The price of this service is affordable, and this is an excellent service. If you want to move the heavy items or the entire house trash, you can choose a man with a van service. The prices and the top-level transportation are what makes this a very lucrative package. 


We prioritize building a safe environment after collecting the waste from your place. Also to help you in cleaning your domestic space and your office or commercial space also. We facilitate all kinds of rubbish removal from your garden to even industrial waste. If you want to clear your trash from your property, you can contact Skip Order Services Limited. We are here at your assistance whenever you need to remove any scrap from your property.


At Skip Order Services Limited, we believe in providing premium skip hire services at affordable rates. We have skips available in various sizes from small to large, suiting every single of your needs perfectly. We keep the prices down by lowering our profits, but we maintain the quality of our services.


The MINI skip is the most diminutive ordering in comparison to the other skips. It is most practical for home-based clean-up jobs. If you have recently renovated your place and need help dealing with the trash generated, this would be ideal for you and suitable for garden, washroom, and even kitchen waste removal.


The Midi Skip is ideal for dealing with medium amounts of trash. The waste is collected in 40 to 60 bags which will give you an idea about its capacity. If you need help cleaning your garden or waste generated from your home decoration, you need it.


The BUILDER Skip’s capacity lies somewhere between the domestic and industrial levels. If you have shifted your house or recently did an entire house renovation, then this would be the ideal choice. Likewise, this would also be perfect for an industrial site clean over where the waste is more; BUILDER Skip is the right choice.


The MAXI Skip is a necessity for commercial-scale waste management. It is advantageous as it can carry large and heavy waste usually generated from industries or commercial activities, making it convenient for rich industrial waste management. We have even kept the prices of our MAXI Skip affordable, making it even easier for you to avail of our services. Henceforth, we are responsible for your waste management.


The RORO Skip is available at cost-effective prices only for you. It can collect and carry even more waste as compared to the others and easily loadable and can move heavy and bulky objects. It is ideally suited for rich industrial-scale waste management because of its capacity.


Lockable skips are the best choice for those customers who want security. They ensure that the trash inside is protected or safe. This can be ideal for keeping your trash out of reach. It is enclosed skips to protect from undesired waste, and it comes with lock bands to save the trash from being stolen. These skips have a range of several sizes and shapes according to your needs.


Skip Order Services Limited is a leading skip hire service provider at County Durham. Our professional waste management service at really affordable rates is what you love about us. We have faster delivery options right at your fingertips. You will have all information regarding the sizes and prices of the skips through our website, and you will have an idea about us. 

2 Yard Skip 

The 2-Yard Skip is the best choice for home decor and other small-scale waste management requirements.

3 Yard Skip 

The 3-Yard Skip is ideal for waste removal of kitchen redecoration or your bathroom.

4 Yard Skip 

The 4-Yard Skip is what you need to clean your garden waste effectively and efficiently. 

5 Yard Skip 

The 5-yard Skip does the job of removing debris from any commercial outlets, even the waste generated from your house.           

6 Yard Skip 

Our 6-yard Skip goes well with both business and household waste removal requirements.

8 Yard Skip 

The 8-Yard Skip is a must for your domestic waste removal needs. On top of that, it is also helpful for shops, restaurants.

10 Yard Skip 

The 10-Yard Skip is ideal for waste generated from homes and parks or any other small public place.

12 Yard Skip 

The 12-yard Skip is appropriate for commercial waste management because commercial setups tend to generate large amounts of waste that needs professional help to clean appropriately.

14 Yard Skip 

The 14-yard skip hire is a necessity for removing and carrying vast amounts of the trash effectively.

16 Yard Skip 

The 16-yard skips are generally preferable if you have considerable waste to clear at commercial or industrial sites. 

18 Yard Skip                                                           

The 18-Yard Skip is mainly helpful in construction sites because it manages large amounts of waste generated.

20 Yard Skip                                                           

The yard-20 skip is perfect for ample clearance of waste generated from commercial sites and entire home renovations.

25 Yard Skip                                                       

The 25-yard Skip is the best choice for construction site debris, and it has plenty of space to dispose of the large quantity of building waste.

30 Yard Skip                          

The 30-Yard Skip is helpful in effectively cleaning waste generated from commercial projects.

40 Yard Skip                                                             

The 40-Yard Skip is what you need for heavy waste management, primarily ordering generated from industrial sites.


Are you  looking for a decent skip hire service provider on a budget, then Skip Order Services Limited is the best choice. They have a vast range of skip sizes and work ethics, and their service is effective and fast for your waste management needs. If you live in County Durham, then you have got your waste management news sorted by Skip Order.

Oliver Conti

My parents shifted to their new house in County Durham from London a few days back and needed to skip hire services. My cousin recommended Skip Order, and they are pleased with its services. The lucrative prices and the fast delivery is what they loved about Skip Order.

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I am in the real estate business in County Durham, and from time to time, I need to skip hire services, and Skip Order Services Limited is the best for skip hire services. They have skilled workers, and their prices are really pocket-friendly, so I always choose Skip Order.

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