Skip Order has been supplying the best Skip hires in the whole of County Armagh. We are a licensed, skilled, and qualified company that helps manage waste for residential and commercial areas all over the United Kingdom. We have our loyal customers, and keeping their trust is our priority. In addition to providing skips readily, we offer other facilities that help in the regulation of trash. We aim to deliver the best Skip hires to our customers and provide them with premium quality services at very reasonable rates and at the right time. You may visit our website for further details and assurance.





At Skip Order, along with providing the skips, we also care about our clients’ other evacuation needs. For that, we have introduced our ‘Man with a Van’ service and trash removal facilities. You’ll find the services very economical as the prices we offer are very reasonable. We have developed customers’ loyalty over the years, and their trust keeps us going on. 


We keep the charge of our customer satisfaction. Therefore, we ensure that our customers get the best skip hire services at Skip Order. Our skip hire services serve a comprehensive collection of skip sizes, along with the skip types, to help bring up your needs to us regarding skip hire services, and our team will be at your doorstep to fulfill them. We are pleased to serve at your doorstep.


MAN WITH A VAN is one of the best services offered here at Skip Order. In it, we provide you with an assistant along with the van to collect the trash. They allow you to regulate the task quickly and smoothly. Avail of our service at the best possible rates. It is imperative to care about our environment, and we must mainly keep it clean, which is why we have introduced our services alongside providing cost-effective Skip hires.


Whether it be your kitchen renovation, garden clean-up, or workplace shifting, we will get it done for you. We will be there with you from the beginning until the end; completing the whole process is our job. We do not limit our facilities to provide skip hire bins at your property. Our company also ensure timely waste collection and coordinate rubbish removal programs for all our clients. We aim to be punctual and satisfy our customers.


Here at Skip Order, we have the best solutions for getting rid of your trash at home. We offer renting services, you rent a skip hire, and it reaches your home within time. The prices we show are very affordable. You need not worry about the proper keep selection of sizes because here we have six suitable sizes available, rent what best suits your budget and size requirements.


The size of MINI SKIP HIRE is the best size for the renovation, regular garden waste accumulation, and other household events. What makes it best is that it can fit anywhere because of the small size; hence worrying about the space is not a problem.


MIDI SKIP HIRE is a medium size skip hire, a bit bigger than MINI SKIP HIRE. It can carry more waste, approximately up to 40 – 60 bags of trash easily. It is the perfect size for extensive garden clean-up, house renovation, or kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects. 


BUILDER SKIP HIRE is seen chiefly at commercial sites and more significant household projects. You need a lot of space to accommodate trash for consecutive days, especially when shifting your home; therefore, builder skip hire seems the best size for that. Also, this site is the first one used by the construction company at the site property. It can carry up to 60 – 90 bin bags.


MAXI SKIP HIRE is used at large factories and by large construction companies. It can handle tons of waste regularly. These skips are readily available to take loads of waste such as furniture, sofas, major clearouts, and trash evolved in commercial sites.


RORO SKIP HIRE has always been a cost-effective option. It carries heavy and bulky rubbish objects. These skips can be quickly loaded and used at construction sites. The largest amongst all, ROLL ON -ROLL OFF skips are a guaranteed savior for multi-sectional factories. Once the Skip is complete, you can inform us, and we will get the waste removed for you. 


Lockable skips come with covers and locks that enable the clients to protect their waste from stealing and the skips from the risk of fly-tipping. It also reduces the spread of infection from the skips full of trash. Lockable skips are also available in different sizes.


We offer a number of skip sizes to deal with all kinds of waste. The prices for each size depend on its size and its weight holding capacity. Moreover, the type of skip also somehow impacts the prices.

2 Yard Skip

2 Yard skips are for household use. Homes, Offices, gardens, the kitchen requires cleanliness, and for them, these small skips are helpful.  

3 Yard Skip

3 Yard skips are for time to time remodeling of homes, workplaces, washrooms, kitchens, gardens, and workplaces.

4 Yard Skip

 Midi skip can carry up to 40-60 bags of trash for household and small commercial works.  

5 Yard Skip

5 Yard skip helps you handle waste for business parties, house shifting, events, and so on.

6 Yard Skip

This Skip hires size coordinates events like big garden clean-up and kitchen renovations.

8 Yard Skip

This bin is utilized in modern and homegrown scrap lifters. It is affordable and is readily available in County Armagh.

10 Yard Skip

It is the primary size of the Maxi skip. Best for new ventures or start-ups, this skip hire can hold a medium level of trash.

12 Yard Skip

This size skip yard is  for commercial purposes and handles a reasonable amount of waste.

14 Yard Skip

This tackle keeps comprehensively heavy trash objects and is extremely useful in commercial projects.

16 Yard Skip

Having more than 170-180 bags of trash, this is mainly used as a perfect waste management tool at an industrial scale.

18 Yard Skip

Mostly found at construction sites to collect heavy materials, this skip size comes with gigantic space.

20 Yard Skip

A 20-yard skip holds a considerable amount of waste, and are  for lifting heavy waste at sites.

25 Yard Skip

Useful for big factories and industries, this skip hire bin can carry around 275 bags of trash.

30 Yard Skip

Used only for business purposes and mainly for industrial waste; it can hold more than 300 packs of trash at affordable rates.

40 Yard Skip

The biggest waste carriers are mainly  in industrial properties for tackling heavy industrial liquid and material scraps. It is an economical choice for commercial purposes.


At first, I wasn’t sure about hiring skips from anywhere, but then I saw the Skip Order website while surfing the internet. I thought of trying it and no doubt it satisfied me in every aspect. I loved the whole service. 

– Jennifer.

Extremely satisfied with their services. It solved my problem of waste removal during renovation in much less time.

 – Helen.

I’m happy with the exact size I received of the skips at a much lower cost. I would surely recommend them. 

– Robert.