Do you need to dispose of waste in Ceredigion? Is it necessary for your construction process to have a skip that laborers could use for regular disposal from sites to prevent waste management trouble? Look no forward if you require cost-effective skip-hire in Ceredigion. Skip Order Services Ltd® aims to provide you services at very cheap and affordable rates throughout the United Kingdom. Our company’s main objective is to give low-cost and practical solutions to our valuable customers.

Skips are available in several sizes to meet your demands. If you are improving your yard or clearing out an office building, we have an extensive range of skips to match your needs. We are always available at your service.





Skip Order Services Ltd® offers a wide range of waste disposal for domestic and industrial sectors. We are always glad to share our knowledge with our clients to provide them with the most adequate and cost-effective skip hire service. We are offering the skip hire services in Ceredigion at your doorstep for your convenience.


We are the skip hire service provider to get in contact if you need waste removal from your residence, office, or construction site. We provide an affordable skip hire facility that is on time. If you need any assistance in selecting skip size, we are here with a complete guide to our extensive range of skips. Providing you with a clean and clear, healthy environment is our responsibility. We will serve you with the keenest skip-hire service in your demanding variants in Ceredigion, keeping in mind your requirements. 


Skip Order Services Ltd® tends to favor customer care and customer satisfaction. Our employees are highly skillful and professional in the area of service they provide in cleaning and providing you trash collection facility inexpensively right behind your door. Instead of going by yourself and getting rid of trash at waste stations, you can simply contact us, and we will do the rest for you.


Our company prioritizes the environment, and we strive to collect and remove waste, assisting you in making your areas clean and bacteria-free. Rubbish removal services include collecting and disposing of unnecessary junk and large amounts of waste from your office buildings, construction project, and your residence. Trash elimination is our foremost responsibility to make the environment clean and pollutant-free from the household, factory, and industrial waste. This service will benefit you in a way that it will save your time. You can easily hire our trash elimination service and can rest, relying on us.


Our Skip Order Services Ltd Company introduces skip hire in all shapes and sizes. So according to the requirements of our customers, we should provide them with the best skip hire that best suits them. SKIP HIRE CEREDIGION is the best option to remove all your trash easily at your workplace. 


Skip hires come in a variety of dimensions to clients or customers. MINI SKIP HIRE is the smallest, comfortable, easiest, and cheapest skip hires available in our company. These small sip hires are best for home renovation, Schools, garden construction, etc., where the load is in a limited amount.


MIDI Skip can easily hold 40 to 60 bags of waste. It is an excellent choice for choosing a medium business household including garden, guest room, washroom, sitting room, kitchen waste, etc. We give cost-effective services to our customers.


As the name suggests, BUILDER SKIP HIRE has a considerable capacity and is the center ground at the public and the personal levels. BUILDER SKIP HIRE manages all the types of waste such as business, office, general, and others. Our company identifies many ways to provide reliable skip hire.


MAXI SKIP HIRE is the largest size in public, commercial areas such as business and mechanical junk. It has all-around use due to its large size and range. It uses public platforms like railway stations, airports, universities, etc. People can also utilize it at the factory and hospitals.


The immense size and colossal space presented by Roll-on Roll-off skip make them the best waste evacuation choice for the business and commercial positions that yield massive waste measures. RoRo skips can also be utilized in homegrown applications if the property is sufficiently big to oblige them. 


Lockable skips are a savior; their lockable lids eliminate the risk of fly-tipping and thus block unauthorized access. It’s worth taking note of because you are responsible for everything inside the skip. Moreover, it also eliminates the risk of trash theft.


Skip Order Services Ltd® offers a vast collection of skip sizes, including mini, midi, builder, maxi, and roll-on roll-off at an affordable price. Our service is to facilitate our clients to remove the rubbish. Before hiring the skip, you must understand your everyday needs and then pick the one that best suits your needs.

2 Yard Skip  

2-yard skip is called a mini skip because of its size. It is a popular choice to remove residential waste, lawn waste, and business waste. It is helpful for home projects.

3 Yard Skip  

One of our most popular mini skips hires the 3-yard skip. It is most generally utilized for small repair tasks like remodeling bathrooms, kitchens, grass plots, and far more.

4 Yard Skip  

A 4-yard midi skip is compact and more significant than a mini skip. It is a multipurpose skip that both commercial and domestic customers operate, has a volume of 40 to 50 trash bags. It is the most valuable method of cleaning up a four-cubic-yard zone. 

5 Yard Skip  

It is a popular option to perform various activities such as home renovation and establishment, garden clearance, Office clearance, construction, and economic Projects.

6 Yard Skip  

To dispose of moderate amounts of rubbish, a 6-yard builder skip is a right choice. As the name implies, the ideal rubbish removal alternative for developers. This skip is frequently found on construction sites.

8 Yard Skip  

The 8-yard skip is the most popular skip size for heavy waste like concrete, dirt, and rubble. It cleans up or manages residential renovations or development, store renovations, and industrial areas from the trash.

10 Yard Skip  

A 10-yard skip can usually accommodate major home maintenance activities and numerous construction and commercial projects. It can fit roughly 100 to 110 rubbish packs. It primarily aims to remove industrial waste.

12 Yard Skip  

A 12-yard maxi skip is suitable for heavier waste, such as those generated by a significant home improvement project or an industrial site. It can carry about 120 to 130 sacks worth of trash.

14 Yard Skip  

A 10-yard skip can usually accommodate waste resulting from major home maintenance activities and numerous construction and commercial projects. It can fit roughly 100 to 110 trash bags. prioritizes.

16 Yard Skip  

The 16-yard skip is a popular maxi skip as well. It’s a big skip that’s popular with commercial clients for getting rid of a lot of building waste. 

18 Yard Skip  

The 18-yard skip is the most cost-effective option for large furniture, building sites, and industrial rubbish. It is used in several industrial processes.

20 Yard Skip  

The 20-yard Roll-on Roll-off skip is the perfect alternative for jobs that produce large amounts of rubbish that aren’t suited for regular skips. It’s one of the smaller Roll-on Roll-off skips available, ideal for commercial and industrial projects.

25 Yard Skip  

It is the second type of skip roll-on roll-off. It’s a great way to get rid of large amounts of trash. It helps to clean the tidiness from waste and muck in commercial, corporate, development sites.

30 Yard Skip  

The 30-yard Roll-on Roll-off skip is suited for commercial and industrial trash management. It is mainly used on construction sites to dispose of debris, heavy objects, and bulky goods.

40 Yard Skip  

It is the largest Skip size and can hold approximately all trash, particularly cost-effective and can accommodate a large volume of waste. It can carry 330 to 440 trash bags.


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