If you want to manage your commercial and industrial waste in Carmarthenshire, Skip Order has brought the best solution for you. Skip Order Services Ltd is an authorised company to tackle waste management. We have been providing our services across Carmarthenshire for the many past decades. Our professional team understands the concerns of our customers and acts accordingly.

If you reside in Carmarthenshire and are looking for quality skip hire services, Skip Order Ltd is 24/7 available to assist you. We provide affordable skip hire services at your doorstep. We also provide complete guidance in choosing skips according to your requirements, varying from different types to different sizes. Please scroll down to learn more about our exclusive services.





We are well-known for assisting our customers in adopting a cost-effective plan to tackle waste management problems. Visit our website and choose the skip hire of your desired size and type. In no time, our company’s representative will reach your doorstep to provide quality services.


Skips are available in different types, shapes, and sizes. Therefore, many customers find them in a fix when choosing the skip hire according to their needs. This issue becomes more difficult when the customers don’t know how to find the best skip hire services. 

Skip Order Ltd in Carmarthenshire is 24/7 available to help you select the best skip hire according to your requirements to resolve this problem. We can also assist you in managing waste from your commercial, residential, and industrial areas across Carmarthenshire by offering our extensive range. You have to go through our website, explain your problem, and the rest is our responsibility. 


In the ‘Man with a van’ facility, you get an economical solution to your waste management issues. Our company’s representative will reach out to your locality and collect the waste from your location, and then it is carried for disposal. We provide Man with a Van service at an affordable cost by considering hygienic measures to protect the environment from contamination. 


We know that the whole world is severely suffering from solid waste or land pollution. Therefore, Skip Order Ltd undertakes the essential measure to reduce waste pollution. We provide our services to collect trash from industrial and commercial areas. 

We help our customers remove waste in an appropriate and sanitary way. To get our quality services, visit our website and elaborate on the problem, and the rest is assured more complicated.


Skip Order Ltd is a renowned company that facilitates its customers to get rid of the trash. We have skips of every type, shape, and size according to your requirements. You have to visit our website and explain your concern, and we will provide you with the most suitable and cost-effective skip hire at your doorstep. However, below is the list of our skips, along with a complete description.


If you are looking for the smallest skip, the MINI skip is the best choice for you. It is available in different shapes. It is suitable to handle a small volume of waste resulting from home décors, renovations, and garden decorations. 


MIDI skip hire is used to get rid of the medium volume of solid waste. It can accommodate 40 to 60 bags of trash. Therefore, it is the best choice to manage waste resulting from home renovations, garden decorations, and kitchen decorations.


If you have been fed up with the trash produced from construction sites across Carmarthenshire, builder skip hire is the most suitable choice for you. It is designed to handle construction debris produced from development projects, renovation of houses, and construction of business sites. 


MAXI skip hire can be more significant than other skip hires to handle a large amount of waste. In case you want to get rid of the sizable trash of construction sites, reach out to us by visiting our website to get a cost-effective and suitable skip hire. 


This category contains roll-on, and roll-off skip hires, which are more comprehensive than the other commonly used skips and are quite famous among commercial clients. It is used to control enormous amounts of waste. This skip can be unloaded rapidly, consequently saving time. You can get this skip at an affordable cost by visiting our website. 


This type of skip hire is safer than other skip hires as we can lock it. Sometimes, people throw their waste or steal something from your open skips. By adopting a lockable skip hire, you don’t need to worry about the thing inside it. The lockable skip hire is the best choice to keep your skips authorised.


Skip Order Services LTD has many skips that vary in their types, shapes, and sizes. These skips are used for waste management according to the volume of the trash. However, our sole purpose in manufacturing skips is to facilitate our customers by providing affordable skips according to their sizes. 

2 Yard Skip

This 2-yard skip is to get rid of the waste of home furnishings. 

3 Yard Skip

The 3-yard skip is  to manage trash of home up-gradation and ornamentations. 

4 Yard Skip

 4-yard skips  used to clean up the waste produced by garden decorations and other such small projects. 

5 Yard Skip

This skip is advantageous to remove commercial and household waste. 

6 Yard Skip

The 6-yard skip is suitable to manage the waste of business renovation and construction.

8 Yard Skip

This skip is big enough to accommodate 70 to 80 bags of manufacturing waste. 

10 Yard Skip

Our 10-yard skip used to manage the waste of parks, offices, and homes. 

12 Yard Skip

This skip is effective in removing the large volume of trash from commercial sites. 

14 Yard Skip

Our 14-yard skip can accommodate gigantic objects to manage waste effectively. 

16 Yard Skip

If you have to manage a considerate amount of waste consisting of non-dangerous objects, a 16-yard skip is the best choice for you. 

18 Yard Skip

For commercial sites, service collection carries debris resulting from the construction of the buildings. 

20 Yard Skip

These skips are effective in removing sizable and unmanageable waste. 

25 Yard Skip

Our 25-yard skip used to manage the waste of development projects. 

30 Yard Skip

It used to remove the waste from erection sites and business projects.

40 Yard Skip

This skip is very effective in managing tremendous volumes of industrial waste. 


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