Skip Order Services Ltd® is a trusted company that specializes in waste management. Look no further than us for skip hire in Cardiff and the nearby areas. Whether you want to clear trash from your residence or you need to dispose of large amounts of garden waste, we offer an easy and effective way to remove all debris. Skip Order Services Ltd®, a skip hire company in Cardiff that can meet all of your skip hire requirements effectively. 

Our fundamental concern is to give quality skip hire to our customers in a sensitive manner. You can benefit from the total assistance on the right choice of skips, from the skip type to skip size. Learn more to get the best rate!





We offer services that are best-suited to our clients, helping them in getting rid of the trash. Our company is constantly improving its approach to satisfy the most current industry standards and laws. We provide services including cleaning, trash removal, and service or man with a van for your convenience. 


Skip Order has  the top qualified and capable Skip hire in Cardiff that regulates waste efficiently. We offer a range of skip hire facilities in Cardiff to help meet all of your needs, whether you want to skip for your residence or office. We have a variety of skips for hire, and it comes in various sizes and shapes, so according to the requirement and needs of the customer, you can stick to your customized deal. Your comfort is our priority. 


The man with a van service in Cardiff is highly affordable. We have you covered when it comes to the quick collection of your industrial, commercial or domestic waste. Skip Order presents a man with a van facility to gather your trash from your home or some other business spot. Dealing with your junk is more accessible and affordable because you do not have to hire a skip that costs more comparatively and utilizes extra space.


Understanding the needs, we offer trash removal services across Cardiff that you can take advantage of; make a call, and we’ll sort out all the waste by discarding it. Rubbish removal is a need to guarantee a perfect climate and wellbeing for the creatures. We feel we should assist with ensuring clean, sterile, and safe assets. Moreover, junk that isn’t accurately discarded can be hazardous to your health. For instance, a sharp item, for example, broken glass, could cause severe wounds and diseases.


Encountering clients’ different waste management needs, we are offering extensive skip sizes from 2-yards to 40-yards, so now you can avail the most compatible Skip according to your needs. Precisely go through the details and select the right one, and the rest is our duty.


To manage homegrown waste, most people prefer mini skips because these are small, take less space, and are cheaper than other skip variants. For Events like home renovation, building new pet houses, sitting rooms, the construction can evaporate a lot of dust. You can use mini skips for such small projects.


MIDI Skip can hold a lot of trash; it is very reliable and convenient for domestic clients because of its medium size. Renovation works at small scales usually generates medium trash, and Midi skips can tackle such waste effectively.


In construction projects, builder skips have always been a great choice. It can cater to heavy construction materials, referring to cement blocks, bricks, and other weighty waste. Therefore, the builder skips are a noteworthy choice for clients dealing with waste at commercial sites


For massive mechanical and industrial waste, maxi skips work well. These skips can hold cumbersome materials and come in several variants between 10 yards to 18 yards. Due to their heavy job, maxi skips are the foremost choice for commercial clients.


These are the largest skips available at Skip Order Services Ltd. These skips are commendable for their ability to hold all kinds of waste. RoRo skips are preferred at construction sites because they can carry massive and large amounts of heavy waste effectively.


Lockable skips are ideally used for busy neighborhoods. These skips offer authority to clients, reducing the chances of fly-tipping and waste removal without being in the knowledge of the one who hires the Skip. Lockable skips are lidded, and thus no other can access your waste.


In choosing the right skip, we often have to surf the web for suppliers’ right selection and a suitable price range. It is pretty hectic and time taking. To save your time, we offer a free comparison tool for our valuable clients. You’ll be glad to know that we provide skips at the most competitive rates.

2 Yard Skip 

2 Yard skip is enough to cater to the daily disposal requirements of households. Due to their small size, these skips adjust easily in small areas. 

3 Yard Skip 

3 Yard Mini skips are enough to hold trash as a result of renovations at small scales. 

4 Yard Skip 

It is the most crucial instrument for meeting the demands of the family. A midi skip can transport 30 to 40 waste sacks.

5 Yard Skip 

5-yard You can use the Skip to dispose of any home or industrial trash.

6 Yard Skip 

The 6-yard skip hire is for both domestic and business construction and renewal waste removal.

8 Yard Skip 

The 8-yard skip is the most preferred size of builder skip. It is used to remove massive trash from building sites, gardens, and industrial areas. 

10 Yard Skip 

The 10-yard Maxi skip is used to hold massive quantities of commercial and industrial waste.

12 Yard Skip 

The 12-yard skip helps to remove heavy trash and is quite popular among retail clients. 

14 Yard Skip 

A 14 Yard skip can hold tons of construction sites’ unwanted trash.

16 Yard Skip 

16 Yard skip is a significant holder to manage a vast amount of commercial site waste and workplace waste. 

18 Yard Skip 

An 18-yard skip can hold a massive amount of trash, and it is worthy for large and heavy items. 

20 Yard Skip 

A 20-yard RoRo skip can adjust roughly all kinds of heavy industrial waste. 

25 Yard Skip 

25 Yard roll-on roll-off skips are the second-largest skips. And can easily hold huge amount of trash.

30 Yard Skip 

These skips help to discard heavy industrial waste, construction site waste, and a large amount of business waste. Due to its size, it can carry 200 to 350 sacks of trash. 

40 Yard Skip 

40 Yard roll-on and roll-off Skip is the largest yet competitively affordable Skip. It helps to discard massive, heavy, and bulky waste.


I have been a regular client of Skip Order for the past few years. They are so professional and cooperative.


I admire your efforts and client service. The Skip was delivered on the same day as I asked and was the precise size we needed. Dealing with your company was a fantastic experience for me. Thank you very much, guys!! This is just what we need!! 


From beginning to end, this company is terrific! They are always helpful and understanding. Booking a skip delivery is simple, and delivery and pick-up are always on time and trustworthy.