Skip Order Services Limited is the leading provider of skip hire services in Caerphilly. We have been in the skip hire business for decades now, and with time we have achieved the right level of expertise to assist you with your waste handling. We have skips accessible in numerous sizes that will fit your demands perfectly. Our services are light on your pocket, and we make sure we dispose of the waste properly to reduce pollution.

Together, we can make our world a better place to live in, so let us help you collect your waste. We have also created a customer support team to help you solve all your queries regarding our services and other details.





We offer cost-effective prices for skip hire Caerphilly services without compromising on the quality of our services. Skip Order has  exclusive benefits like a man with a van, and we also have rubbish removal facilities making us a versatile company when it comes to skip hire Caerphilly services. our company has  kept a wide range of skip sizes because we know your needs differ, and selecting the proper size is not always easy. We have a solution for that as well. We have customer support executives to serve this purpose.


Skip Order provides skips for hire for accommodating household trash to commercial trash. You need to select the right size, and we will get everything sorted. So go through the skip details and choose the size you think can cater to your trash disposing capacity.

We have a skilled workforce who have undergone intensive training. We are always attentive when it comes to solving your waste disposal problems.


One of our most popular services is a man with a van where our team will pick your trash regularly, discarding the need to recruit a skip. The speciality of this is that this is a door to door convenient service. What’s even more interesting is that we offer this service like all other services at pocket-friendly rates. We believe together, we can keep our earth green and clean.


One of our excellent services is rubbish removal from domestic waste to commercial-scale waste. We closely work with you to customize your trash removal process. For any type of waste handling, contact our team, and we will take charge of taking out all the waste at any level. The trash removal process is now more accessible and reliable with Skip Order. Take advantage of availing of our services and secure your time and money.


We know that needs differ, so we have tailor-made the skip sizes to match your needs perfectly. Skip Order has skips ranging from very small to very large. We have every possible skip size for your requirements. Skip Order Services Limited is loved because we provide premium skip hire services at the lowest cost. We have a waste management service for every possible setup.


MIDI Skip is the perfect choice for tackling a medium amount of trash. The trash can be collected in 40 to 60 bags to fit in a midi skip. These are ideal for garden waste management and home renovations with a considerable amount of trash. MIDI Skip is available at a very affordable rate.


These are mid-level skips, slightly bigger than the mini skips. MIDI skip can hold up to 60 garbage bags. MIDI skip is the right choice for your garden or any decoration of your house. It  would be the perfect choice for putting a medium amount of waste.


Builder skips come to the rescue when you need to dispose of heavy waste such as construction and demolition trash. Especially when the amount of trash is comparatively more, Builder Skip is the savior and is quite famous among commercial clients. The skips of 6 and 8 cubic yards are generally renowned as builder skips.


MAXI skip is one of the largest Skips of all the other skips. Crafted for commercial-grade waste management would be the perfect choice for construction sites and waste management of enormous office spaces. We offer this Skip at an affordable cost. It is capable of removing colossal amounts of waste and, therefore, highly suitable for commercial trash.


Skip Order’s RORO Skip is commendable as it is not only cost-effective but also has an advantage if the trash is heavy and needs careful handling. It is well equipped to manage bulky trash, especially those generated from industries. RORO Skip is beneficial mainly for commercial grade waste management and is comparatively affordable compared to other companies.


Not exclusively, our lockable Skip prevents outsiders from occupying your skip space. Yet, it also prevents individuals from setting their general waste in your Skip, as well as the other way around. It can pollute the squander and halt recyclables from being reused. So use lockable skips if you are a resident of a busy locality.


Skip Order Services Limited is a licensed company operating across the United Kingdom. Our skips are available in every size at unbelievably cost-effective rates. We have prices much lower than the competitors, and if you want to know more about our rates, you will have to go through our website where details regarding every service are given along with its prices.

 2 Yard Skip

The 2-Yard Skip is an effective solution for small-scale waste removal like those generated from your home decor, etc. 

 3 Yard Skip

The 3-Yard Skip is perfect when it comes to room and kitchen redecoration debris removal.

 4 Yard Skip

The 4-Yard Skip is the popular choice for small office setups and waste management.

 5 Yard Skip

The 5-yard Skip is efficient for any commercial outlets or domestic waste management.

6 Yard Skip

Our 6-yard Skip is perfect for both small-scale business and household construction waste management.

8 Yard Skip

The 8-Yard Skip would go perfectly with your domestic needs as well as to manage your office’s junk.

 10-yard Skip

The 10-Yard Skip does the best home and parks waste management. It primarily deals with small to medium amounts of waste materials.

12 Yard skip

The 12-yard Skip is mainly used for commercial waste clean up, efficient in cleaning vast amounts of waste.

14 yard Skip

The 14-yard skip hire will be appropriate for the easy removal of vast amounts of waste.

16 Yard skip

The 16-Yard Skip is ideal for managing heavy and inconvenient trash such as bulky furniture removal, construction, or commercial debris.

18 Yard skip

The 18-Yard Skip would perfectly do the job when the waste is heavy and more fit in a 16-yard skip.

20 yard Skip

This Skip is used for more critical commercial sites and can hold up to 20 tons of waste.

25 yard Skip

The 25-Yard Skip is ideal for industrial waste involving construction at moderate levels.

30 Yard Skip

The 30-Yard Skip, the second-largest Skip, can handle up to 30 tons of heavy waste.

40 yard Skip

The 40-yard Skip is the largest Skip available and is primarily used for heavy waste materials, and can accommodate more than 400 regular trash sacks.


Five stars for professionalism and the discount, supported by a brilliant customer support team, is what makes Skip Order the best skip hire service provider. 

-Salma Dalek

Best skip hire service provider at Caerphilly. Hands down! Plus, their package is pretty lucrative.

-Tina Windham

Ideal for office to domestic waste management on top of that, prices are shallow, but their services are pretty good. Thanks, Skip Order!

-Willam Bailey