One of the primary issues constantly affecting our environment to a vast extent is a poor waste management system, which is where we come into the picture. Skip Order Services Ltd is a government-approved skip hire company serving throughout the United Kingdom. 

Our sole aim is to cater to residential and commercial projects, collect their waste and dispose of it. So, we have all the services if you have an upcoming small or big project and are looking for skip hire in Bridgend. You can visit our website and check out the different skip hire sizes available. At the same time, our costs are affordable, and our motive is to eliminate waste from the environment.





We make sure that our services are well convenient to all our customers. Our vision and mission are always in our spirit, and thus besides skip hire services, we also offer Man with a van and trash removal facilities. 


We have been serving thousands of customers across Bridgend, and we are incredibly proud of the satiating comments from our customers. Our Skip Hire offers and policies are affordable and lucrative. From garden clearances, massive and weighty waste clearances to skip hire permits, from small sizes to more conventional builder skips, our low skip costs make us the ideal skip company for you. We have skip hire allocation for nominal household projects as well as for substantial industrial and commercial projects. 


While we are renowned for providing the best skip hire services at an affordable cost, another essential service is ‘Man with A Van’. In simple words, we send one of our workers to your location to help you with waste cleaning. Our services not only end at delivering the skip hire to your place, but we take charge of the entire process. We understand tackling huge waste requires professional service, and our professionals are always ready to help you. 


If you are availing of the skip hire in Bridgend with us, Skip Order will never leave you midway. Skip Order ensure delivery of the skip and a collection of waste from the skip when complete. We collect the garbage and ensure to discard it properly. We are known for providing a one-stop solution to all waste issues in Bridgend.  Drop-in with your requirements, and we will reach out soon!


If you get confused or find any problem choosing the right skip hire size for your upcoming project, our website will provide detailed information on various skip hire measures we provide to our customers. Book your skip and you will receive it at your location on the same day. Our sizes vary from mini to roll-on roll-off skip hire. For more details on skip hire, please refer to our website. 


These are small-sized skip hires, which cater to small projects like kitchen renovation, garden clean-up, regular rubbish removal, etc. Householders immensely prefer mini skip hire as it is highly convenient and is space-friendly. Hence, you need not worry about having extra-large space for the skip hire on your property. We nearly provide hundreds of household customers with mini skip hires regularly. 


Midi skip hire is a larger size than that of Mini skip hire. Most likely, if you are required to manage a medium amount of waste, this is an appropriate choice. The capacity of this skip size is 40 to 60 bags of trash. Kitchen renovation, entire garden setup, bathroom remodeling, and events like this require midi skip hires to handle that amount of waste. We ensure that the midi skip hire is adequately placed at your location. 


This size holds quite a considerable capacity for carrying a large amount of waste. Builder skip hire is mainly seen in construction due to its size, it can hold heavy materials like cement and bricks. Convenient to manage, you can also use this size for household purposes considering the elevated customer requirements. Approximately, it can carry 60 to 70 bags of garbage.  


Maxi skip hire size is generally used at big construction sites or industrial sites, just as the name speaks. It is way more convenient for them to use this size as they handle tons and tons of weight regularly. Therefore, the primary requirement is space, and maxi skip hire comes with huge space. We have been catering to different industries, factories and commercial clients for years.


The biggest of all, RORO skip hires are hugely beneficial to collect industrial waste. From blocks, squares, cement and soil to general cumbersome waste like bundling, wood and plastics – RoRo skips will be ideally suited for your necessities. RoRo skips are easy to unload than traditional skips.


Lockable skip hire is a smart option as it comes with a lockable shed. You can safely dump waste and can limit unauthorized access to your skips. Lockable skips are also beneficial to prevent garbage removal without your consent, that is the reason, lockable skips are getting popular in Bridgend.


2 Yard Skip

Smallest of all, this is perfect for household purposes. If you want to clean up your garden, a 2-yard skip is an appropriate choice.

3 Yard Skip

This skip is used for household projects, 3-yard skip is slightly bigger and can handle more waste.

4 Yard Skip

4- yard skip can easily carry up to 30 to 40 sacks of trash.

5 Yard Skip

If you are renovating your homes or offices and need to discard a sufficient amount of waste, a 5-yard skip is a perfect option for you.

6 Yard Skip

Extensive Garden trash cleanup, entire kitchen and bathroom remodelling are some of the projects that prefer 6 yards skip size.

8 Yard Skip

This skip can hold up to 80 trash bags. A project that involves a moderate quantity of waste can adopt this size.

10 Yard Skip

 If you are going to renovate your workplace, annual parties, or even significant house shifting projects, 10-yard size stands perfect.

12 Yard Skip

 Mostly used for commercial purposes, this comes under Maxi skip hire size.

14 Yard Skip

Perfect size to cater construction sites, to lift and heavy objects.

16 Yard Skip

 It is mainly for commercial clients. It can hold up to 170-180 bags of trash.

18 Yard Skip

Building construction, daily factory waste fits this category.

20 Yard Skip

It can hold a limit of 200 packs of waste. Which makes it extremely famous for business and commercial locations.

25 Yard Skip

In case you are dealing with Tons and tons of trash, this skip hire is the best option to stick to, it can hold up to 250 bags of trash.

30 Yard Skip

Considered as an economical option, most industries use this.

40 Yard Skip

The largest amongst all, used for industrial properties for carrying heavy industrial and material scraps, it is a budget-friendly choice.


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