Skip Order Services Limited is a popular skip hire service provider in the Bradford area. If waste management is your concern, you have come to the right place. Here at Skip Order, we provide the best service when it comes to skip hire. Skip Order has gathered quite an expertise in this field due to our years of experience providing skip hire service in Bradford and the rest of The United Kingdom. We always make sure you get what you are paying. We have various levels and sizes of Skip available catered for your needs, from domestic scale waste to industrial-grade as well.





You might come across a question: why should you choose us when other firms offer similar services in the Bradford area. Skip Order Services Ltd can assure you that our services are premium grade and our rates are much lower than the competition. Our services include the man with the van, which is a doorstep service. On the other hand, we collect all kinds of rubbish and clean your place at your ease.


We have customized our skip sizes to suit your particular needs. We provide skips hire services to domestic clients and commercial clients as well. Our workers and executives are highly skilled and efficient and are always ready to serve you. Skip Order Services Ltd offers you a wide range of skip hire services. Our skip sizes range from 2-yard to 40-yard skip. Visit skip hires available sizes on our website, and drop your needs. We will get to your site as soon as possible. You will be even more overjoyed when you will have a look at our prices. Prices are mentioned along with the service description on the website.


Skip Order makes sure that you are never overwhelmed with your waste management activities. Therefore, we introduce the “Man with a van” service. In other words, for every customer who received our services, we send a helper to transport heavy items and support at the project site. Use our Man and Van service at the most reasonable price. Our goal is to clean the environment, and we believe in sustainable living.


We gather and take away your garbage for your convenience, so book us and relax—any kind of cleaning activity from domestic to the commercial level, and we have everything sorted. We collect any type of waste like garden, office, home renovation, and other commercial-grade waste. No matter how big or small your project is, we are with you to the end. We are one of the best-known Skip hire companies expanding services across the UK.


Skip Order has a skip hire service in sizes for every kind and quantity of waste. Our skips are available in small, a little less small, medium, a little more than that, large and extra-large, and based on your requirements. You can also compare our prices with the prices of any other skip hire service provider, and we can assure you our services are less expensive.


MINI Skip hire, as the name suggests, is the smallest size. This skip is preferable if you have waste from home renovation and gardening waste or washroom waste. They’re easy to use and fit anywhere and are friendly. Therefore, you don’t need to work in space if you choose a mini skip to hire in Bradford.


Slightly larger than Mini Skip hire. Garbage is collected in 40 to 60 bags. Suitable for gardens or any home decoration. This size of skip is also convenient and ideal for space. For extensive garden cleaning, home renovations, and remodeling kitchens and bathrooms, choose the Midi skip bin.


You generally see builders skip bins at construction sites. Also, if you are going through big household projects, this is a good choice. When moving or relocating your home, you need plenty of space to dispose of the trash of days on end. In this regard, choose builder skip hire.


Maxi Skip is perfect for commercial-scale waste management. When the amount of garbage is colossal, then this is what you need to choose. It is used to handle the daily heavy industrial trash from large industries or construction sites.


Skip Order also has the RORO Skip available at low rates. It is perfect if the objects are heavy and tend to be challenging to manage. Most significant in size, the ROLL ON -ROLL OFF skip is a guaranteed savior for multi-section factories. Once your Skip is complete, you will notify us, and we will arrange for immediate collection of waste from your property.


We at Bradford provide you with Lockable skips in different sizes and volumes. Lockable skips are used to secure your waste and protect it from unwanted debris. Lockable skips come with lock strips that prevent unauthorized access.


We have different prices for different types and sizes of skips, and our prices are lucrative indeed. We have the best assistance as well if you require it.

 2 Yard Skip

The 2-yard Skip is essential for cleaning garbage from minor home decor and other waste from small-scale activities like semi home decor.

 3 Yard Skip

The 3-yard Skip will be required when you have debris from the kitchen or bathroom decor.

 4 Yard Skip

A yard 4 skip is needed to remove your garden trash conveniently.

 5 Yard Skip

Our 5-yard Skip is generally used for cleaning up trash from your commercial shop or household leftovers.

6 Yard Skip

The 6-yard Skip is the size that will fit both business and household construction debris.

8 Yard Skip

The 8-Yard Skip is apt if you need help cleaning up your domestic trash and waste from any shops or restaurants.

 10-yard Skip

The 10-yard Skip does the best cleaning of waste from parks, domestic space, and office too.

12 Yard skip

Commercial waste management can be quite a difficult job. We have the 12-yard Skip just for that, especially when the junk is in colossal amounts.

14 yard Skip

For Large and heavy junk, the 14-yard Skip is ideally suited for proper cleaning.

16 Yard skip

Our 16-yard skip has a capacity of more than 160 to 170 bags of garbage. It is primarily used as the best waste management tool for collecting large amounts of inefficient waste.

18 Yard skip

Often, it  used in construction sites as those places tend to generate a significant amount of waste. The 18-yard Skip does construction site waste removal in the best way possible.

20 yard Skip

The 20-yard Skip provides the ability to dispose of enormous waste quickly and is also an excellent choice for commercial clients.

25 yard Skip

 25-yard Skip repeatedly selected for large-scale projects, generally for post-construction garbage.

30 Yard Skip

It is preferable for larger commercial projects that generate a lot of garbage.

40 yard Skip

The 40-yard makes waste management more straightforward, especially when the trash is heavy and difficult to deal with, like industrial trash.


I have used Skip Order’s skip hire service, and even my family and friends have used it. I can confidently say that it is the best skip hire service provider in Bradford. We are too content.

-Oliver Perry

The level of versatility of skip sizes Skip Order has is beyond what other firms have to offer. From cleaning my home to my office space, I only trust Skip Order.

-Rohit Gatwa

Thanks to Skip Order for their man with a van service. I do not have to worry about my daily household trash.

-Anya Taylor