Skip Order Services Ltd is a collective and collaborative skip hire company whose mission is to provide safe ways for managing waste in a cost-friendly manner. We offer a complete package for our customers that includes assisting through our co-operative team, informing you about our management plans, picking up wastage from the decided sites, managing it with the necessary equipment, and finally disposing of it off safely. Over the years, we have developed our network and expertise level by making use of our experience. Today, we stand out as the leading supplier of outstanding skip hire services. 





Managing wastage in domestic as well as commercial and industrial projects is a crucial yet essential task. Skip Order Services Ltd is here to help you find an effective waste management solution. We have introduced different tools, equipment, and services by keeping your needs in mind.  


Are you looking for a competitively-priced yet reliable skip hire service in Bournemouth? Well, this is perfect for you then. We have a range of different skips that are available with needed equipment. If you are not sure about the Skip you need, our customer service can assist you in choosing a specific skip size according to your project and its requirements. We have worked on everything from small domestic clearances to large building projects. Hence, we assure you that after working with us, you will find yourself satisfied. 


“Man, with a Van” is considered a beneficial service in which a mover with a vehicle goes to the place provided by the client. A mover comes, collects the wastage, manages it, and takes it away. Customers prefer it because of its hassle-free nature. Ensuring your safety is essential; therefore, we make efforts and hire our most trusted members at Bournemouth. Our movers are not only credible and cooperative but they are also experienced and well-aware of waste management. They will carry out the waste management plan with efficiency and order. 


Rubbish removal is a service you will always require to remove the waste whether you are working on a domestic project like kitchen renovations or big industrial projects like building reconstructions. Skip Order Services Ltd offers an eco-friendly waste management solution. We provide a well-planned process, an affordable price, and high standard service. We endeavour to make Skip hire as convenient as possible for you. 


Skip Order Services Ltd provides a range of different skips as the requirements for a domestic customer vary with the needs of a commercial client. Taking this into consideration, we have a lot of choices at hand. You can visit our website for skip sizes based on your needs.


Mini skips are mainly considered best for small household projects like garden clear-outs or kitchen renovations. They are light in weight and small in size that allows them to be kept at the driveway. Mini skips have the capacity of almost 20 to 30 black bin bags.


Our midi skips are great options for small domestic and commercial projects like renovations and clean-ups. They are big enough to hold a piece of an appliance or furniture. Midi skips are helpful in many tasks related to small projects, and they are pretty inexpensive. 


Maxi skips are mainly used for commercial purposes, they can carry heavy garbage materials. Industries and large building projects prefer using the Maxi skip. These are commonly used for complete home renovations and for disposal of large garden waste.


RORO skips are available in different sizes to meet your individual needs. It’s 20-40 yards long, and it has about 440 bin bags. Roll on Roll off skips is primarily used in industrial and commercial sites because it is huge . These skips are most useful where is a bulk amount of waste being generated. 


Security and safety are two factors that make lockable skips the most preferred option, also called enclosed skips. No external element can have access to the lockable Skip. Furthermore, because of its lock feature, no one can remove a rented skip without your permission.


We have the complete range of sizes available, from the smallest Skip to the largest Skip. Moreover, our fantastic and accommodating customer service team helps clients figure out the best Skip for their particular project. 

2 Yard Skip

The 2-Yard skips are the smallest and most convenient.

3 Yard Skip

Our 3-yard Skip is suitable for bathrooms and kitchen refits.

4 Yard Skip

The 4-Yard Skip is suitable for medium-level projects like garden clean-ups. 

5 Yard Skip

The 5-Yard Skip is larger than the midi skip, and it can carry heavier rubbish.

6 Yard Skip

The 6-Yard Skip is suitable for large domestic tasks like complete household clean-ups.

8 Yard Skip

Our 8-yard skip hire stands very effective and can hold between 70 to 80 big sacks of waste,

10 Yard Skip

The 10-Yard Skip has almost a hundred bin bags that make it ideal for a larger project.

12 Yard Skip

The 12-Yard Skip works well with bulky wastes, such as in large garden clearances.

14 Yard Skip

The 14-Yard Skip is good at handling lightweight construction junk.  

 16 Yard Skip

The 16-Yard skips can handle heavy waste, but hazardous elements are not allowed in it as they can endanger.

18 Yard Skip

Customers prefer 18-yard skips for industrial projects that result in a bulk amount of waste.

20 Yard Skip

It is the smallest RoRo skip, but considered a fantastic choice for commercial and industrial clients

25 Yard Skip

The 25-yard Skip is an ideal RoRo skip for big projects like construction and building works

30 Yard Skip

Industrial clients working on building sites prefer a 30-yard skip because of its vast capacity.

40 Yard Skip

 40-Yard Skip  used at construction sites for disposing of large amounts of construction waste , heavy objects and bulky things. 


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