Waste management can be a hassle to mitigate this problem. Skip Order Services Ltd brings you the best skip hire services in the Blaenau Gwent area. We have been one of the best skip hire services providers for quite some time in Blaenau Gwent and many other places in The United Kingdom. We are pleased to announce we have achieved a milestone in providing waste management solutions in Blaenau Gwent for a long time, and our clients are delighted with our pre-sale and post-sale services. Regarding the skip hire services, we bet barely any other company can not match the level of expertise in this department. Skip Order has been providing skip hire services in both domestic and industrial spheres.





Are you looking for skip hire services at pocket-friendly rates? Let us help you with that. Skip Order Services Limited provides the best skip hire services anywhere in Blaenau Gwent. Our services are tailored to provide 100% satisfaction to our customers.


Skip Order Services Ltd specializes in the best waste management techniques. We collect and dispose of the waste following all the necessary government guidelines. We have different sizes of skip hire for different kinds of waste management; whether it’s household or commercial waste, we are here to lend a hand or two. Call us; our support team will contact you back as soon as possible and help you choose the right size for your waste.

The Man With A Van

Skip Order Services Ltd at Blaenau Gwent provides a wide range of debris removal services, the man with the van being one of its many such services. Here our assigned worker effectively collects your trash from your place and helps you to manage the waste in the home maintenance process. If you need to move your heavy objects, it gives you transport facility by placing your heavy machinery in vans and delivering it to your required destination. Our highly skilled laborers carry out the whole process.

Rubbish Removal

We keep our commitment to our clients and the environment, so we collect trash in special vans that help prevent the spread of any toxic materials. Whether it is household waste or industrial waste, we are here at your service. Our waste collection service is of different types: garden waste or debris from a construction site.


Skip Order Services Limited is equipped with different sizes of skip hire services. The size of our skips varies depending on your needs. From domestic to commercial waste collection and management, we have various sizes of skips suited to your needs. Suppose you want to remove the debris generated from your home renovation or any scrap from a construction site or other commercial place. In that case, we have different sizes of skips suited for each of these scenarios.


The smallest skip of all is the MINI Skip. The MINI skip is appropriate for home renovation, like bathroom, kitchen, garden, and other home renovation debris. The MINI skip is the best choice.


If a medium amount of waste is what you are concerned about, then MIDI Skip is the size that will fit your needs. MIDI skip waste collection is done in 40 to 60 bags. If garden debris or any home decoration waste management is what you need, then MIDI Skip is our recommendation.


Builder skip is the most common skip, and it is perfect for removing medium or large size waste from DIY or many building projects such as kitchens or washrooms. Also, It is the right choice for small to medium-sized industrial waste. It holds 60-70 bin bags. 


MAXI Skip is the perfect solution for commercial-scale waste removal as it can collect and carry a vast amount of commercial and industrial waste. It is pretty suitable for a considerable amount of waste, especially those of industries.


Skip Order Service Ltd. has RORO Skip hire services at very reasonable rates. It is best suited for removing heavy and bulky trash from rich industrial locations, and quite a large quantity of disposable waste RORO Skip hire is proven to be the best.


Lockable skips are one of the best ways to keep the waste secure from theft. Besides, Lockable skips are used to protect from unwanted debris. These skips come in many sizes and varieties throughout the United Kingdom, and they are also affordable. Available on our website, you can check its prices and different sizes.


Skip Order Services Ltd is a pretty renowned enterprise for professional and affordable waste management services. We provide standard waste management services at Blaenau Gwent and in other locations as well at comparatively lower prices. Even if you need assistance selecting the proper size of the skip, we are happy to help. We have faster delivery and same-day delivery options as well.

2 Yard Skip

Best suited for small scale home decor and other small scale waste management

3 Yard Skip

3-Yard Skip is perfect for debris generated from room and kitchen redecoration.

4 Yard Skip

 It is the most suitable one if you want to clean your garden waste effectively.

5 Yard Skip

The 5-yard skip is what we recommend for removing debris from any commercial outlets or homes.

6 Yard Skip

Our 6-yard skip is what you need for both business and household construction trash removal.

8 Yard Skip

8-Yard Skip is adequate for your domestic waste removal needs along with shops and restaurants and stores waste.

10 Yard Skip

Rubbish from homes and parks is what yard skip-10 is best suited for.

12 Yard Skip

The 12-yard skip is the appropriate one for commercial waste management purposes, mainly where there are large amounts of waste.

14 Yard Skip

14-yard skip hire services will be the right size for carrying large amounts of trash easily.

16 Yard Skip

The 16-yard skip is the perfect choice for getting rid of heavy and bulky items and excellent for removing trash produced by construction sites and other industrial works.

18 Yard Skip

They are generally used in construction sites for heavy waste removal.

20 Yard Skip

A 20-yard skip is the smallest roll-on roll-off skip; its enormous size makes it perfect for commercial or industrial waste. It can hold approximately 200 black bin bags of garbage.

25 Yard Skip

For construction and building debris, the 25-yard skip is the best.

30 Yard Skip

This is mainly used for substantial commercial projects which are comparatively larger.

40 Yard Skip

The biggest skip, a 40-yard skip, is suitable primarily for heavy waste materials and can be a hassle to manage.


I am short of words by the quality of skip hire service provided by Skip Order Services Limited. The prompt delivery and collection of waste generated from my recently done home renovation were done efficiently by their skilled workers. Another thing I noticed, the prices of its skip hire services are comparatively lower than other companies. I am pleased with its services.

-Nina Gilbert

I am into the real estate business, and removing post-construction debris was always a hassle until I came across Skip Order Services Limited and its skip hire services. They have contributed to making my job more manageable, and I would positively recommend Skip Order to my friends and family.

Andrew Cumberbatch

I had no idea about Skip Order and its skip hire services until a friend recommended it to me and told me to visit their website, and the booking was hassle-free with prompt delivery of services. I had some garden debris and kitchen renovation debris that they efficiently collected and removed. Plus, I had confusion regarding the right size of the skip, but I was guided by its executives very nicely and politely. I am impressed with their overall services.

-Justin Johnson