Skip hires have contributed and helped a lot in order to keep the environment clean and eco friendly. This is because skip hires enable convenient and very easy waste management. The wide range of sizes and categories ensure that anyone can use these containers to dispose of scraps and waste.

Why Choose RORO Skip Hire?

RORO skip hires are the category of the largest sizes of skip hires. Their sizes are all above 18 yards. This means that they are great for commercial, construction and industrial use. All these sectors generate a lot of debris and waste and if not treated properly, it can harm our environment. Therefore, it is important to make use of RORO skip hires.

RORO Skip Hire Sizes

The category of RORO skip hire has four different sizes. The first one is the standard 20-yard skip followed by the 25-yard skip. The largest skips are 30-yard and 40-yard skip hires.

20 Yard Skip Hire Size




The dimensions of the 20-yard skip hires are 20x8x4, with the dimensions in feet. Due to its very large size, it also has a great capacity. According to reports, it can hold about 220 garbage disposal bags with ease.

20 Yard Skip Hire Price

Skip hires cost different all around the country. There is no fixed price as different prices are charged for different locations. However, the minimum price range starts from £290-355, but it must be remembered that it can go higher.

25 Yard Skip Hire Size




The next category is the 25-yard skip hire. Its dimensions are 20x8x5, with the measurements in feet. It can easily hold 275 black bin bags full of waste, so it is safe to say that it has a pretty big capacity.

25 Yard Skip Hire Price

25-yard skip hires are widely available at a lot of companies and a lot of dealers. Therefore, it is impossible to tell one fixed price. However, the cost of hiring these skips are £320-380. It is safe to first have a good research on the market so that you know all about the company’s pricing.

30 Yard Skip Hire Size




The next type of RORO skip hire is the 30-yard skip. Talking about its dimensions, it measures 20x8x6.5. It must be remembered that the dimensions are in feet. As far as its capacity is concerned, they can easily hold up to 330 black bin bags but it can be more as well.

30 Yard Skip Hire Price

For a 30-yard RORO skip hire, you can be charged a lot of different prices. However, the safest price range is to stay between £340-420. This price can be a lot higher as there are many companies in the market.

40 Yard Skip Hire Size




40-yard Skip Hire is the largest size that comes in skip hires. They measure 20x8x8.5, in feet. They are pretty massive and can easily accumulate 440 black garbage disposal bags. When you have this skip hire, there are no worries about the capacity getting full.

40 Yard Skip Hire Price

As mentioned above, all skip hires have no fixed price and the costs vary with location. However, the starting price range you must look for is £400-500. The estimates can be wrong and the prices may be slightly higher. It is better to compare each company’s prices with the other.

Skip Hire Comparison

Choosing a skip hire is as difficult for a commercial company as it is for a resident. The skip hire should be sufficient enough to carry all the debris and scraps. However, the prices and budgets of the company should also be kept in mind. Here are comparisons of RORO skip hires with other skip hires to give a clear idea.

Maxi Vs RORO Skip Hires

Maxi skip hires have sizes from 10-18 yards. These skip hires are sometimes used for commercial purposes and sometimes for big residential and garden cleanups. RORO skip hires are known for being used on industrial and construction sites.

Builder Vs RORO Skip Hire

Builder skip hires are much smaller, with sizes being 6 and 8 yards. They mainly cater to residents who have regular cleanups or renovations. RORO skips are suitable for a big area or big construction sites.

Benefits Of RORO Skip Hires

Benefits of RORO Skip Hire are given below;

Cost Effective

Not many people realise this, but RORO skip hires are actually more cost effective than the smaller categories. This is because you get a bigger skip with paying much less on average. This is why a lot of commercial businesses use this skip hire.

No Worries About Capacity

When you have got a RORO skip hire, you do not need to worry about the capacity and emptying of the skip. You can continue with your work as the capacity is so huge, it seems as if it will never get filled up.

The Whole Area Can Benefit

RORO skip hires are also seen in few areas where all the residents of that location use the skip. This is also a good idea as you get a bigger skip and the cost also cuts down due to everyone contributing.

Best For Commercial Use

If you are a builder or an industrialist, this is the best skip hire you can find. The sectors you work in generate a lot of waste. Hiring these skips will make you tension free from the worries of waste disposals.

Can Carry Bulk

If your work involves gathering debris that is very heavy, this is the perfect skip hire for you. These large skip hires can carry heavy loads of scraps and waste and you can use them without the fear of losing capacity or the container breaking down. This is the best option for someone working at a place which has bulky waste.