Mini Skip Hire are smallest size of Skip that are available at cheap rates. Each and every household and individual should make the use of skip hire in order to collect waste that is gathered from their household or any other commercial activity. This is because this is a very convenient and effective way to dispose of waste. Mini skip hire are perfect for individuals or small households. Let’s learn more about mini skip hire prices and other information.

Why Choose A Mini Skip Hire

There are few times a year when you have to conduct the regular cleaning of your house or timely renovation and repairing; e it for Christmas, any event or a celebration at your house. For this purpose, Mini Skip Hire come into play as they gather all the minor waste and help you clean your house and gardens.

Mini Skip Hire Sizes

The category of mini skip hire consists of two sizes. The first size is the 2 yard skip hire and the second one is the 3 yard skip hire. The only difference is the size and capacity, so you can choose which one you think is perfect for your purpose.

2 Yard Skip Hire Size


MINI skip hire 2 Yard


The dimensions in feet of the 2 yard skip hire are 5 x 4 x 3. According to capacity, these skip hires can hold 20 – 30 bags roughly. This is the smallest size of skip hires.

2 Yard Skip Hire Prices

There are a lot of different sources that circulate around the market as far as Mini Skip Hire Prices are concerned. On average, the starting price of 2-yard skip hires is £ £126 – £271.

3 Yard Skip Hire Size


Mini Skip Hire 3 yard


This is the second smallest size that the skip hire comes in. Its dimensions measure 6 x 4 x 3 in feet. If its capacity is concerned, it can hold 30 – 40 bin bags easily.

3 Yard Skip Hire Prices

You will find different prices in different locations of the country. However, the starting price is around £158 – £271  only as far as mini skip hire prices are concerned. Therefore, you must make sure to survey the market and compare prices of different locations and different companies.

Skip Hire Comparison

Sometimes it is difficult to make a choice on which type of skip hire to buy. If we look at the bigger picture, all categories fulfill the same purpose. However, it is according to everyone’s needs because of which they have to make a choice. Following are some comparisons to give you a clear idea.

Midi Vs Mini Skip Hire

Midi skip hire are usually used for garden cleaning and household clearances. They can also be used as in times of renovation or repairing. Mini skip hire can act as a secondary skip hire and a place to dump waste after the bigger skip hire is full.

Builders Vs Mini Skip Hire

Builders Skip Hire come in sizes of 6 yard and 8 yard. They are significantly bigger and can handle a lot more waste. They are found at construction sites or to handle waste of an entire area. Mini skip hire on the other hand is 2 and 3 yard skip for private and minor use.

Benefits Of Mini Skip Hire

Benefits of Mini Skip Hire are given below;

Home Cleaning

A lot of people order mini skips at the time of minor cleaning in their house at the time of a festival or when the winter has gone. It is a good idea to dump and collect all your waste in a mini skip hire, as it is sufficient enough to hold that much waste.

Home Renovations

When you are giving a new look to your home, there are some old things and unwanted things that you need to get rid of. Here, you can take the help of Mini Skip hire as it can hold small amounts of waste.

Garden Cleaning

Perhaps the best purpose of small sized skips is that they cater well in garden cleaning. You can dispose of all your garden waste in this skip. You can also carry it with you and as you cut off unwanted branches, you can dump it off because the size is so small.


On a construction site, many people hire several small skip hire rather than ordering one or two big ones. This is because it is more convenient for workers and laborers to dump the waste collected. Small skip hire are also easy to carry around and do not take much space.

Regular Dust bin

A mini skip hire can also play the role of a normal garbage can as well. You can keep it in your driveway and you can dump all your house waste together. However, it must be remembered that you do not put any forbidden waste in the skip hire.