Midi Skip Hire are larger and can hold more unwanted waste as compare to Mini Skip Hire. Skip hire have been very useful in keeping the environment clean and unpolluted because it has made collecting and gathering waste and scraps very easy for residents and businessmen. One form of skip hire is the Midi Skip Hire. Midi skip hire prices and other details are explained further.

Why Choose Midi Skip Hire

Midi skip hire comes under the category of small skip hire. They are ideal for residential and private purposes to dump domestic waste. This waste might be from garden cleanups, regular cleaning of the house or from small renovations.

Midi Skip Hire Sizes

The category of Midi Skip Hire can be further broken down into two more sizes. The first one is the 4 yard skip hire and the second is the 5 yard skip hire. The sizes are such that they can easily fit in a reasonable amount of scraps and debris from residential or commercial activities.

4 Yard Skip Hire Size

Midi Skip Hire 4 yard

If we talk about the 4 yard skip hire size, its dimensions are 7 x 5 x 3. It must be remembered that these dimensions are in feet. If we talk about its capacity, it can easily hold 40 – 50 garbage disposal bags, according to our estimates.

4 Yard Skip Hire Price

You can find several midi skip hire prices around the country. Actually, it just depends on the area you live in and the company you go to. The starting price for a 4 yard skip hire is £85 and it may go up to £176 – £214.

5 Yard Skip Hire Size

Midi Skip Hire 5 Yard

5 yard skip hires are a bit bigger in size and capacity. Its dimensions are 7.5 x 5 x 3.5, in feet. The 5 yard skip hire can easily hold up to 50 – 60 black bin bags, however, it depends on the size of the bin bag as well.

5 Yard Skip Hire Price

Just like the smaller version of the midi skip hire, the 5 yard skip hire price is also different, depending on the location and area. Its minimum price is £210 but can surge up to £240 as well. Due to such a high difference, it is more sensible that you survey two or three places before finalizing.

Skip Hire Comparison

There are three or four other categories other than midi skip hire. Therefore, a person or a business who are looking for a suitable option for themselves often get confused with so many different options. As a result, it is better to compare different options and categories with one another.

Midi Skip Hire Vs Mini Skip Hire

Mini skip hire are 2 and 3 yard skip hire, which is a smaller version of the midi skip hire, as the name suggests. It is used for small cleaning purposes. Whereas midi is useful when you are getting your home and garden makeover.

Midi Skip Hire Vs Builders Skip Hire

Builders skip hire include 6 and 8 yard skip hires. They are a bigger version of the midi skip hire. They can be used for small commercial activities such as road building or construction. Builders skips can also be used for extensive house cleaning or relocation. Midi skips, on the other hand, are suitable for private purposes only.

Benefits Of Midi Skip Hires

Benefits of Midi Skip Hire are given below;

Regular Cleanups

Midi skip hires can be your best friend if you are in the middle of a regular cleaning of your house. You can dump the unwanted scraps and materials in the container, for which a 4 yard skip is also enough. You can collect all your unwanted items in one place to dispose of them.

Minor Renovations

Midi skip hires also come in handy when you are renovating one of your bedrooms or bathrooms. You can dump the waste in the skip so that no mess is created inside the house.

Takes less Space

A 4 and 5 yard skip hire does not need large spaces to accommodate itself. It can easily be kept on your porch or driveway, without hampering the entrance. You can easily carry it around too.

Garden Cleanups

Cleaning up the garden is sometimes a huge mess due to the dirt, unwanted herbs and bushes that need to be treated. In this time, skip hires really help and you can go about your cleanup in an orderly manner.

Commercial Use

Not many people realize but midi skip hire are good for commercial use as well. Sometimes, company order midi skip hire that act as a second container to the bigger 16 yard skip or 18 yard skip. Also having multiple small skip hires is better and more convenient. Midi skip hire are also widely used in times of office relocation or renovation.