A lot of people use skip hires in order to remove their junk and dispose of scraps in an orderly fashion. There are many categories of skip hires that an individual can use, which are further subdivided into different sizes. One of these categories is Maxi Skip Hire. Lets see what maxi skip hire prices are and why it is important.

Why Choose Maxi Skip Hire?

Maxi skip hires are chosen by people and businesses because of their large size and huge capacity. Sometimes, only one maxi skip hire is enough to collect the scraps and debris of the whole construction site. It is also useful for garbage collection of the whole area.

Maxi Skip Hire Sizes

Max skip hires have a large size range. The first one is the 10-yard skip hire. The second is the 12-yard skip hire, followed by the 14-yard skip hire. The largest sizes include the 16-yard skip hire and 18-yard skip hire.

10 Yard Skip Hire Size


Maxi Skip Hire 10 yard


A 10-yard skip hire measures 12x6x6, with its dimensions in feet. Because of its large size, it has a pretty big capacity. According to estimates, it can fit in about 100 bin bags full of waste.

10 Yard Skip Hire Price

Maxi skip hire prices vary from area to area, because of the transportation costs. However, the average starting price of a 10-yard skip hire is £170-220 and can even go higher for certain locations.

12 Yard Skip Hire Size


Maxi Skip Hire 12 yard


The next category of maxi skip hire is the 12-yard skip hire. This skip measures 13x7x6 in feet. If we talk about its capacity, it can easily hold more than 120 garbage disposal bags in it. Its large size is the reason why it is used mostly for commercial purposes and industrial activity.

12 Yard Skip Hire Price

Just like all skip hires, it is difficult to find a fixed and single price for a 12-yard skip hire as well. According to the market, its price starts from £220-250 and its price range can go all the way up to £450 as well.

14 Yard Skip Hire Size


Maxi Skip Hire 14 yard


The third size of the maxi skip hire is the 14-yard skip hire. The container measuring in feet has dimensions of 13.5x6x6 . Its length is a bit more than the 12-yard skip hire but its width is narrower. It has the capacity to hold about 145 bin bags with ease.

14 Yard Skip Hire Price

Different dealers and companies charge different prices from their customers according to area and location. Approximately, a 14-yard skip hire should cost, starting from £200-300, with prices that can go a lot higher.

16 Yard Skip Hire Size

maxi skip hire 16 Yard


16-yard skip hire falls under the largest category of maxi skip hires. If we talk about its dimensions, it measures 14x6x7 in feet. Therefore, you can imagine that it has a pretty big capacity. It is able to hold over 170 garbage disposal bags at one time.

16 Yard Skip Hire Price

Since this skip hire comes under the large category, this maxi skip hire price will be more. According to reports, its price starts from around the range of £220-265 but it must be kept in mind that this is just the minimum price. You can find prices that are a lot higher.

18 Yard Skip Hire Size


Maxi Skip Hire 18 yard


As far as the dimensions are concerned, the 18-yard skip hire measures 13×6.5×7. This is the largest skip hire that comes in the category of maxi skip hires. If you have a firm that gathers a lot of scrap or debris, this is perfect for you as it can hold about 195 black garbage disposal bags.

18 Yard Skip Hire Price

Just like all other sizes of skip hires, the 18-yard maxi skip hire prices also vary a lot. Therefore, you have to survey the market and compare before making a deal. However, the minimum price you will find is £275 but it can also be a kot higher.

Skip Hire Comparison

There are so many types of skip hires and all have numerous sizes that a person that has come to choose a skip might get very confused. This is why it is important to compare the uses and prices of different types of skip hires.

Maxi Vs Builder Skip Hire

As mentioned above, maxi skip hires come in the sizes of 10-18 yards. Due to them being large, they cater to commercial activities and projects. Builder skip hires are of 6 and 8 yards. They are sometimes used for commercial activities but mainly for shifting and cleaning purposes.

Maxi Vs RORO Skip Hire

RORO Skip hires offer sizes of 25, 30 and 40 yard skips. These are obviously for huge construction sites or industrial waste. Maxi Skip hires on the other hand are smaller, cheaper and are for commercial activities.

Benefits Of Maxi Skip Hire

Benefits of Maxi Skip Hires are given below;

Cost Effective

According to customer reviews, huge containers are actually more cost effective and tend to be cheaper than small ones. You can get a bigger drum or container, that too being charged less on average.

Good For Commercial Use

This skip hire is best for commercial purposes and can be very useful. If you work in an industry that generates a lot of waste such as an industry, road building or construction, these skips are very useful.

Residential Purpose

Not many people use maxi skip hires for residential and private purposes. However, some people make use of it if they are having extensive renovations or repairing. Another purpose is for garden cleanups. They are also used sometimes to collect the trash of the whole area or a number of streets.

Makes Lives Easier

Maxi skip hires make the lives of the user a lot easier. This is because you do not have to worry about the capacity getting full or having to dispose of the waste and scraps on your own. You can just dump your waste in the skip and then you are done. It tends to be very convenient and hassle free.

Take Care Of The Safety

There are a lot of accidents in factories and construction sites that take away the lives of labourers. However, if the waste and debris is dumped regularly, the working environment will be a lot safer and cleaner as there is no cement or dirt on which the worker can trip or fall over.