Skip hires are very useful if you are working as a builder in the construction or building industry. There is a lot of construction waste gathered from under construction sites and therefore, these companies are in constant need of Builders Skip Hire. Builders skip hire prices and other information are explained in detail below.

Why Choose Builder Skip Hires

Builder skip hires are of decent size; they are neither too big that one cannot handle its usage, nor is too small that all the waste won’t fit in. It is perfect for a builder or a small construction company or even for someone who is renovating their house.

Builder Skip Hire Sizes

Two sizes of skip hire fall in this category. The first is the 6-yard skip hire and the second is the 8-yard skip hire. Both are sufficient and effective in removing waste.

6 Yard Skip Hire Size

Builders Skip Hire

A 6-yard skip hire measures 10x4x4 in feet. This size is widely used by many households as well as some small businesses that generate a lot of waste. This size is ideal because it is easy to handle, and can carry about 65 bin bags at one time.

6 Yard Skip Hire Price

There is no fixed price of renting out a 6-yard skip hire. However, according to multiple sources, the cost of renting a 6-yard skip hire starts from £229 and can go up to £270 as well. The price varies from location to location and also depends on the company you are buying it from.

8 yard Skip Hire Size

Builders Skip Hire

The 8-yard skip measures 12x6x4, with the dimensions in feet. This means that it can carry waste equivalent to the size of 16 washing machines approximately or easily fit almost 80 bin bags.

8-yard Skip Hire Price

Just like the 6-yard skip hire, the prices of 8-yard skip hire vary from location to location as well as depending on the company too. However, the average starting price for 8-yard skip hire is £211 and it can go up to £280 as well. It must be remembered that you must do good market research before finalizing where to buy it from.

Skip Hire Comparisons

In order to get a better understanding of different categories of skip hires, it is important to compare them. Apart from Builder skips, there are other categories as well that cater to different purposes and are of different sizes.

Midi Vs Builder Skip Hire

Midi skips are 2 and 3-yard skips while builder skips, as mentioned above, are 6 and 8 yards. You can imagine that there is a significant size difference, which means that there will be a difference in the capacity as well. Midi skips are good for gardening cleanups whereas builder skips can carry construction or other heavy waste.

Maxi Vs Builder Skip Hire

Maxi skip hires come in sizes of 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18 yards. If you compare, these skip hires are obviously bigger, and therefore, can collect more waste. These skip hires are good for waste that is generated from office or house shifting or cleaning whereas builder skip hires are used for standard purposes such as renovation and detailed repairing, etc.

Benefits of Builder Skip Hires

Benefits of Builder Skip Hire are given below;

Reasonable In Price

Hiring a builders skip hire does not require a large amount of money because it is of standard size and is very easy to handle. Builders skip hires serve small purposes such as building and renovation waste, or some extensive cleaning of the house.

Widely Available

These skip hires are widely used by a lot of people as it is extremely convenient. Therefore, companies have 6 and 8-yard skips in abundance as their demand is very high.


Sometimes, it is a big hassle to collect waste on your own and then treat it properly. However, now, with the system of skip hires, there is no more need for hassle as you just have to collect waste in one place and it is the company’s job to ensure that it is well treated.

Work Is Done Fast

When you keep the working environment clean, you can get more work done in less time. Workers become more efficient as there is no waste lying around and therefore, increases their speed. All this will enable your construction or renovation work to be done rapidly.

Ensures A Safe Environment For Construction Workers

A lot of accidents take place on under-construction sites because of the dangerous waste not disposed of properly. When you have a skip hire, you can ensure all waste is collected in one place, so that the site is clean and safe for the workers.