The concept of skip hires is still very new to people and a lot of people still do not know about it. However, it is about time that we realize that skip hires are a very good way in order to manage, treat and dispose of our waste. It is also a very good way to control the land pollution and environmental damage that domestic and commercial waste causes. Skip hires have a vast range of categories that have further divisions in size. Below are the details and explanations about the 6-yard builder skip hire.

6-Yard Skip Hire Builders Skip Hire prices

6-Yard Skip Hire Size

6-yard skip hire is a standard size skip that is used by builders for their construction waste and also residents use it for domestic purposes. Its dimensions are 10 feet in length, 5 feet in width, and 4 feet in height.

6-Yard Skip Hire Price

There are no specific prices for any skip hire because each company has its own pricing strategy for delivering the skip in different locations. The minimum price starts from £229-270 but it can go a lot higher.

6-Yard Skip Hire Permit

6-yard skip hire is difficult to fit in any small space. Therefore, if you can manage to keep this builder skip on your own property, you will not require a skip hire permit. If you have to keep the skip hire on the sidewalk or the road, it is important that you have a permit.

6-Yard Skip Hire Hiring Period

When you survey the market, you will find different companies offering different lengths of time. However, every company will offer the skips for about 7-14 days. However, if you want to extend this time period, you can always make a deal for a good price.

6-Yard Skip Hire Acceptable and Non Acceptable waste

If you are using the skip for construction waste, you can dump cement, concrete, and other forms of waste from construction sites. You can also dump wooden and metal scraps. However, you cannot dump plastic, electrical fittings, medical waste, and food waste in it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a 6-yard skip hire cost?

You need to survey the market well to know the right price of the 6-yard skip hire. However, the price should start from £229 and go all the way up to £270 or more.

How much waste can a 6-yard skip hold?

A 6-yard skip can hold waste equivalent to 60-70 black garbage disposal bags.

What are the dimensions of a 6-yard skip?

The dimensions of a 6-yard skip are 10 feet in length, 5 feet in width, and 4 feet in height, making it perfect for any kind of domestic or construction work.

What can I put into a 6-yard skip?

You can put any kind of construction waste in the skip such as debris, soil, and other forms of organic waste. You can also put garden waste, or bricks and rubble.

What types of jobs are 6-yard skips suitable for?

The size of builders’ skips is such that they cater to a lot of purposes. They can be used for the construction of small houses, regular cleaning, renovations, and also on huge construction sites.

Will I need a skip hire permit?

You will be needing a permit if you cannot find space to keep the skip on the driveway and you have to use the sidewalk or other public property. If you have space, there is no need for a permit.

Prohibited items you cannot put into the skip hire?

You are not allowed to put certain things in the skip hire as it is difficult to be treated. This includes waste that includes chemicals, electric goods, and medical waste.

What can’t I put in the skip hire?

You are not allowed to put any kind of solvents that include chemicals, any old electrical appliances, and also any kind of medical matter.

Do hire days include weekends?

The company that gives you the skip hire and assigns you the length of the skip expects you to keep it over the weekend as well.

How do you charge for the skip hire?

The skip hire is charged on the basis of four important things. The first two are the size and the time period you require it for. Other things include the location of your residence or workplace where the skip is needed and whether you need a permit or not.

How do I acquire the permit?

You can apply for a permit through the dealer that is giving you the service of skip hire. You can also choose to directly get the permit as well.

How full can I fill the skip?

You can use the skip to its full capacity but cannot let the container overflow itself. In this condition, you may have to pay a fine.

How long can I keep the skip for?

You can keep the skip for the length of time you have rented the skip for. You can also keep it for some more time if you need.

How do I arrange for the skip to be emptied?

If you are done with the use of the skip hire, you will need to contact the company to take the skip away. Give them time for 24 hours and the truck will be there to take away your waste.