Skip hires are used by a lot of residents and commercial businessmen in order to dispose of construction materials, commercial scrap and also during house cleanups. Skip hires are very useful in getting rid of all kinds of waste and makes everyone’s lives a lot easier.

There are a lot of types of skip hires that are available in the market. Each category then has two to five sizes more in order to choose from the size which is most suitable for you. Below are the details about the 5-yard skip hire, including prices, sizes, etc.

Midi Skip Hire 5 Yard Skip Hire Prices

5 Yard Skip Hire Size

As far as dimensions are concerned, the 5-yard skip hire measures 7.5 feet in length, 5 feet in width and 3.5 feet in height. The capacity of the 5-yard skip hire is enough to hold 50-55 garbage disposal bags, making it perfect for residential and somewhat commercial use.

5 Yard Skip Hire Price

You will find different companies charging different prices for the 5-yard skip hire, according to their location and transport costs. However, the prices for the skip hire should start from £100-160, but it can go as high as £250-260.

5 Yard Skip Hire Permit

You will be needing a permit only if you have to keep the skip hire on a government owned property. If you can manage to keep the skip on your own property or on your business site, there is no need for a permit.

5 Yard Skip Hiring Period

The more money you are willing to spend, the longer you can use the skip hire for. However, normally companies rent out skips for 7-10 days. It can also go up to a time period of 14 days as well. However, you can call them if you have finished the use of skip hires early.

5 Yard Skip Acceptable And Non Acceptable Waste

There are certain rules you have to follow when you rent a skip hire. You can dump any construction waste, house fittings, furniture, organic waste, soil and any wooden or metal furniture. You cannot dump hazardous or inflammable waste such as paint, bulbs, batteries, plasterboards, medicine bottles and tanalised timber.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a 5-Yard Skip cost to hire?

A 5-yard skip will cost around £100-250 depending on where you want the skip to be delivered.

How much waste can a 5-yard skip hold?

A 5-yard skip can carry about 50-55 garbage disposal bags if it is used to its full capacity, therefore, making it suitable for domestic and small commercial purposes.

What are the dimensions of a 5-yard skip?

The 5-yard midi skip is 7.5 feet long, 5 feet wide and has a height of 3.5 feet.

What can I put into a 5-yard skip?

You are allowed to dump organic waste, soil, wood, metal, non electrical fittings, concrete and cement. As long as you want to dump this waste, there are no restrictions.

What types of jobs are 5-yard skips useful for?

5-yard skips can be very helpful if you are making improvements to your home or renovating your kitchen or washroom. Moreover, it can be used in a spring cleanup for your home as well. Some construction companies also make use of this skip in order to organise different types of waste.

Will I need a skip hire permit?

Skip hire permit is necessary when you have to keep the skip hire on a government owned property. If you can manage to keep the skip hire on your own land, you do not need to apply for the permit.

Prohibited Items you cannot put in the skip hire

You are strictly prohibited to dump any kind of batteries, tires, chemical waste such as batteries, solvents, syringes or electric waste such as televisions or hair dryers, etc.

What can’t I put in the skip?

You cannot dump any form of medical waste such as medicine bottles, syringes, gas cylinders and electrical fittings such as old bulbs, kitchen appliances, etc.

Do hire days include weekends?

The days for which you get the skip hire for includes Saturdays and Sundays as well as any public holiday that comes in between.

How do you charge for the skip hire?

Skip hire pricing starts by analyzing which size you require and for how long you need the skip for. Secondly, other factors are if you want to apply for the permit or not, and how far your place is from the company.

How do I acquire the permit?

There are two ways by which you can have the permit. Firstly, you can apply for the permit through the company that rents out skip hires. Another way is to directly apply for the permit to the local council.

How full can I fill the skip?

It must be remembered that you cannot overfill the skip at any cost. You can only use it till the height of the skip hire. Any additional waste can charge extra transport fees.

How long can I keep the skip for?

Usually, the company allows you to keep and use the skip for 7-14 days. However, you can extend this time period by bargaining with them over the extra fee.

How do I arrange for the skip hire to be emptied?

If you want your skip hire to be emptied, all you have to do is call or contact the company in any way. They will send their truck at your place in 24 hours’ time.