There are many people who make use of skip hires in order to get rid of their domestic and commercial waste in an effective and efficient manner. This system has suited very well to the public and they are adapting well because there are a lot of categories to choose from which are subdivided into other sizes as well. One of these sizes is the 3-yard skip hire which comes under the category of Mini skip hire. If you are looking for a small skip hire that can be enough for your regular cleanup or redesign, this is very suitable.

3 yard Skip Hire Prices

3 Yard Skip Hire Size

Talking about the size of the 3-yard skip hire, its dimensions are 6 feet long, 4 feet wide, and 3 feet high. It is enough to hold a maximum of 30-40 black bin bags full of waste. Therefore, it caters well to a small cleanup of the house.

3 Yard Skip Hire Price

When you go out to look for 3-yard skip hire, you can find a whole range of prices. However, on average, the price should start from $158 and can go all the way up to £271, depending on the location.

3 Yard Skip Hire Permit

Skip hire permits are required by the customer when you need to keep the skip hire on government property such as the main road. However, considering the size of the 3-yard skip, you can keep it on your own driveway and skip this part of the process.

3 Yard Skip Hire Hiring Period

Each company has its own time period for which they rent out the skip. Normally, they rent out the skip for about 7 days, which can go up to 14 days. You can also extend this time period by paying more money.

3 Yard Skip Hire Acceptable And Non-Acceptable Waste

When you hire a 3-yard skip hire, make sure that you only put in things that are allowed. These include construction waste, wooden materials, metal scraps, bricks, plastic, organic waste, etc. Whereas, things that are forbidden include electrical items, batteries, things that have chemicals such as fluorescent bulbs, paint, and gas cylinders.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a 3-yard skip hire cost?

For a 3-yard skip hire, a reasonable price is considered to be £158-271. But it can go higher with VAT and other service charges.

How much waste can a 3-yard mini skip hold?

A 3-yard mini skip hire’s size is enough to hold 30-40 black bin bags with ease.

What are the dimensions of a 3-yard skip?

With the dimensions in feet, a 3-yard skip hire measures 6 feet in length, 4 feet in width, and 3 feet in height.

What can I put into a 3-yard skip?

You can put organic waste from your garden cleanup into the skip hire. Moreover, you can also put metal and wooden scraps from your kitchen or bathroom renovation as well.

What types of jobs 3-yard skip hires are most useful for?

3-yard skip hires are commonly used for garden cleanups and small improvements in your home. Such as bathroom and kitchen improvements.

Will I need a skip hire permit?

If you have enough space on your driveway or porch to keep the skip hire, you do not require a permit. However, if you plan on keeping it on the road, you will need a permit.

Prohibited items I cannot put in the skip hire?

You cannot put anything that has chemicals in it. Moreover, old tires, bulbs, and medical waste are also forbidden.

What can’t I put in the skip?

You cannot put leftover paint in the skip hire. Any form of hazardous waste cannot be put and also no gas cylinders can be disposed of in the skip.

Do hire days include weekends?

All the companies that rent out skip hire include weekends and other holidays in the time period they rent out for.

How do you charge for skip hires?

There are some things that are taken into account when hiring skip hires are concerned. First is the size and hiring time period of the skip. Other things are the location the skip needs to be placed and if you need a permit or not.

How do I acquire a permit?

Some companies that rent out the skip hire also offer permits to their customers so that it is easy for them to get skip hires. However, you can also get permits from the local councils as well.

How full can I fill the skip?

The skip can be full of waste until the height of the skip hire itself so that no capacity is wasted. However, it is strictly prohibited to make the skip overflow.

How long can I keep the skip for?

The skip is all yours for the time you have agreed upon. However, if you want to exceed the time limit, the companies can compromise on that too with a little more charges.

How do I arrange for the skip to be emptied?

When you are done using the skip hire, you can call the company and they will take the skip hire from your place. However, it is important to remember that the company needs at least a 24-hour notice.