There are a lot of problems with waste disposal and waste management all over the world. Very few countries have tackled the problem of pollution and environmental degradation. However, if skip hires are adopted by the majority of the world population, these problems can be checked to some extent.

It has been very easy to dump waste and treat it properly with the help of skip hires. The 25-yard skip hire comes in the category of RORO skip hires which means Roll on Roll off. This category of skip hires has the largest sizes of skip hires, mostly used by construction companies and industrialists.


25 Yard Skip Hire Size

The dimensions of a 25-yard skip hire are 20 feet long, 8 feet wide and 5 feet tall. The capacity of this skip hire is about 275-280 black bin bags which means that it has quite a large capacity in comparison to other skip hires.

25 Yard Skip Hire Price

The price of the 25-yard skip hire falls in the price range of £320-380. You will find different prices from different dealers but this is the standard price according to estimates. Therefore, it is better that you research about the product.

25 Yard Skip Hire Permit

Most people do need a permit for a 25-yard skip hire because it is difficult for them to find space on their own construction site. However, you will not be needing a permit if you have ample space.

25 Yard Skip Hire Hiring Period

The hiring period depends on the time length you need it for. The standard time which is given by every company is around a week or two. However, you can always keep it for more days by paying extra or making a good deal with the company.

25 Yard Skip Hire Acceptable And Non Acceptable Waste

You are allowed to put any construction waste such as bricks, cement and concrete waste, rubble and also fittings which are non electric. On the other hand, you are forbidden from dumping any hazardous or inflammable waste such as electrical fittings, chemicals, solvents and paint.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire a 25-yard skip hire?

The price of the 25-yard skip starts from £320 and can go high up till £380.

How much waste can a 25-yard skip hold?

The 25-yard skip can hold 275-280 black garbage disposal bags with ease.

What are the dimensions of a 25-yard skip hire?

The 25-yard skip hire measures 20 feet in length, 8 feet in width and 5 feet in height.

What can I put into a 25-yard skip?

A 25-yard skip is suitable for dumping construction waste such as scraps, rubble, soil, old furniture and even fittings.

What types of jobs are 25-yard skips suitable for?

A 25-yard skip is useful for big construction projects and commercial activities. However, people also use it for residential purpose for renovation of a number of houses.

Will I need a skip hire permit?

A skip hire permit is needed when you cannot find space for the skip hire on your own property. However, if you can keep it on your own land, you do not need a permit.

Prohibited Items you cannot out in the skip hire?

You are not allowed to put plasterboards, chemical and medical waste and also any waste that can prove to be hazardous or inflammable.

What can’t I put into the skip hire?

You cannot dispose of any electrical fittings, medical bottles, gloves, gas cylinders, asbestos and food waste.

Do hire days include weekends?

Hire days are assigned in inclusion of Saturdays and Sundays.

How do you charge for a skip hire?

The skip hire is charged with the help of the size you require and the time span you want it for. Moreover, the company also sees where the skip hire needs to be located and whether the permit is needed or not.

How do I acquire the permit?

You can apply for the permit directly to the local council. Also you can apply for the permit through the company itself.

How full can I fill the skip?

You can use the skip to its full capacity but must take care of the skip overflowing.

How long can I keep the skip for?

You can keep the skip and make full use of it for the time assigned by the dealer, which is mostly 7-14 days.

How do I arrange for the skip hire to be emptied?

If you are done with the use of the skip hire, give a call to the company and they will be there within a day to take away your waste.