Skip hires have proved to be very useful and helpful to citizens in order to get rid of their waste and garbage. Garbage disposal has become very convenient and easy with the help of these skips. Every person can make use of these skip hires because of the variety of sizes available, at a range of prices.

A 16-yard skip hire comes under a large category of a skip hire. It is mostly used in construction activities but sometimes used by citizens as well for domestic use. Let’s see more about a 16-yard skip hire.

16-Yard Skip Hire

16-Yard Skip Hire Size

The dimensions of a 16-yard skip hire are 13.5 feet in length, 6 feet in width and 6.5 feet in height. As far as its capacity is concerned, this maxi skip hire can hold170-180 garbage disposal bags, which means that it can hold a considerable amount of waste.

16-Yard Skip Hire Price

The price of a 16-yard skip hire starts from a minimum of £220 and its price can go up to £265. The price varies because of the difference in locations and difference in company’s pricing strategies.

16-Yard Skip Hire Permit

A permit is only compulsory when you do not have the space to keep it on your own property and you have to use the road or sidewalk which is government owned land. Most people apply for a permit in the case of a 16-yard skip because of its large size.

16-Yard Skip Hiring Period

The length of the time period depends on the amount of time assigned by the company itself. This time span is usually 7-14 days, including weekends. This time period can be increased by paying extra fees as well by negotiating a suitable price with your dealer.

16-Yard Skip Acceptable and Non Acceptable Waste

You can put certain things in a 16-yard skip which include debris, soil, bricks and other construction materials. Other things are wood, metal, plastics and furniture. However, you are strictly prohibited to put hazardous waste, paint, batteries, fluorescent bulbs, solvents, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a 16-yard skip cost to hire?

A 16-yard skip hire falls under the £220-270 price bracket, depending on the location and company.

How much waste can a 16-yard skip hold?

A 16-yard skip hire can easily hold about 170-180 garbage disposal bags.

What are the dimensions of a 16-yard skip?

The dimensions of this skip hire is 13.5x6x6.5 with the measurements in feet.

What can I put in a 16-yard skip?

You are allowed to put any kind of organic waste, domestic waste, any old furniture such as cushions, sofa sets, and mattresses. You are also allowed to put non electrical fittings.

What types of jobs are 16-yard skips useful for?

16-yard skips are most suitable for construction sites where builders can dump their construction disposals. They are also used by domestic residents where a number of houses share a common skip hire.

Will I need a skip hire permit?

If you can find space for the skip on your property, it is not compulsory to apply for a permit.

Prohibited Items you cannot put in the Skip Hire?

You cannot put any form of chemical or medical waste. It is also prohibited to dump any hazardous or inflammable waste.

What can’t I put in the skip?

It is not allowed to dump any batteries, solvents, paint, electrical fittings, gas cylinders or bottles or even medical waste such as syringes, medicine bottles, etc.

Do hire days include weekends?

The hire days do include weekends and any other public holiday.

How do you charge for the skip hire?

A skip hire is charged on the basis of its size and the number of days you want the skip hire for. The price of the skip hire also depends on how far the skip hire needs to be delivered and the requirement of a permit.

How do I acquire the permit?

You can acquire the permit by keeping the dealer as the middleman and applying through them. Another way is to go to the local council and apply directly.

How full can I fill the skip?

You can use the skip to its full capacity and you are allowed to fill the skip to the top. However, you must make sure that the skip hire does not overflow.

How long can I keep the skip for?

You are free to use the skip for the time agreed upon with the company, which is usually 7-14 days.

How do I arrange for the skip hire to be emptied?

If you want the skip hire to be emptied, you must contact the company and inform them that you need to get rid of the waste. Their truck will be at your place in 24 hours.