A 14-Yard Skip Hire comes under the division of Maxi Skip Hires. These skip hires are mostly used by builders or construction companies in order to manage and maintain the debris from their construction site. Some private individuals also make use of it in times of holiday cleaning or extensive renovation of the house.

A lot of people get confused which skip hire to buy as there is such a large range to choose from. Let’s discuss all the details about the 14-yard skip hire so that it is easy for you to come upon a final decision.

14 yard Skip Hire

14 Yard Skip Hire Size

A 14-yard skip hire comes in the large sized category of skip hires. Its dimensions are 13 feet long, 6.5 feet wide and 6.5 feet high. Talking about its capacity, it can hold up to 140-150 black bin bags with ease.

14 Yard Skip Hire Price

The price of a 14-yard skip hire starts from £303  and goes up to £450. The difference in price range is because of the difference in transport cost with additional service charges and VAT. Hence, it is important to study the market well before hiring a skip hire.

14 Yard Skip Hire Permit

A permit is only needed for a skip hire when you have to keep the skip on government owned property. Hence, if you can find space on your own property, there is no need for a permit.

14 Yard Skip Hire Hiring Period

The normal hiring period starts from 7 days and can go all the way to 14 days. However, you can contact the company anytime if you want the time length to extend or decrease. The hire days also include weekends and public holidays in between.

14 Yard Skip Hire Acceptable And Non Acceptable Waste

Acceptable waste in a 14-yard skip hire is construction waste such as cement, bricks, debris and organic waste such as soil. You can also put any form of domestic waste. You are not allowed to put any chemical or medical waste. Moreover, dumping any electrical fittings or unwanted appliances is also forbidden.

Frequently Asked Questions

The price range of a 14-yard skip is from £200-250 but it can also go higher depending on locations.

This skip hire can hold waste equivalent to 140-145 garbage disposal bags.

The dimensions of a 14-yard skip are 13 feet in length, 6.5 feet in width and 6.5 feet in height.

You can dump any kind of domestic waste and construction waste including ceramic products, wood, metal and furniture such as sofas, cushions and mattresses.

14-yard skips are good for commercial jobs as they can hold bulky waste such as bricks, cement, ceramics and wood. They can be used for domestic purposes as well for extensive cleaning if you want to get rid of furniture or non electrical fittings.

You will only need a skip hire permit if you cannot find the space to keep it on your property and have to keep it outside on the road. Considering its size, many people have to apply for permits.

You are strictly prohibited to dump any electrical fittings or appliances, tires, chemical batteries, gas cylinders or medical waste.

You are strictly forbidden to put syringes, medicine bottles, hazardous waste such as chemical solvents, paints and plasterboard.

The time length of keeping a skip hire does include weekends and holidays that come in between.

A skip hire is charged on the basis of four factors. Firstly, it is on the basis of size and the time length. Other factors include the requirement of a permit and the location where the skip is needed.

You can get the permit by directly going to the local council. Another way is to apply for the permit through the dealer.

You can fill the skip to its full capacity but you are not allowed to overfill the skip. If the waste is overflowing, you will need to give extra transport charges.

You are allowed to keep the skip for the time length you have been assigned which is for 7-14 days normally.

Contact the dealer or the company and ask them to empty the waste. The truck will be here within 24 hours and you will get rid of the waste.