Skip Hire Prices offers competent solutions for both residential and industrial garbage in the United Kingdom. We take pleasure in offering outstanding customer service while also providing dependable service at reasonable pricing. We have a network that spans the entire United Kingdom, so we can provide economical solutions no matter where you are. We try to make garbage disposal less of a problem by providing what you need, whenever you need it, enabling you to focus on the task at hand. We can also provide guidance on how to properly recycle your garbage and provide a variety of hire services.



Same-day delivery and pick-up:  We strive to get skips supplied within two to four hours of receiving your request. And, perhaps most crucially, we can offer same-day exchange or collection, possibly saving both time and money.


We always follow through on our promises: Because we put service at the core of all we do, the majority of our work is repeat business. We invest in new technologies and skills to ensure that you receive expert assistance and exceptional customer service.

Best Price

Rates are reasonable: We constantly check our prices to ensure that we are providing you with the best value for money. Our reasonable pricing along with first-rate service has resulted in thousands of satisfied clients who return to us time after time again.

Same Day Delivery

Are you going to begin a new project that will produce a lot of waste, or do you underestimate the trash amount that needs to be disposed of? Have new circumstances or sudden events made your project a bit more challenging? You need not worry; Skip Hire Prices is here to help you. We can facilitate a cost-effective, flexible same-day skip hire anytime you contact us.

Discount 20%

One of the top names in waste collection and rubbish removal is offering a 20% discount on skip sizes. We ensure that you receive the trash disposal and skip hire services when you need them. We offer a 20% extra discount on our affordable skip Prices.

24/7 Customer Support

Our professional customer support and online booking system are available 24/7. Friendly experts are ready all the time to answer all your questions and guide you about particular skip bins, skip hire prices, materials, hazardous waste disposal and skip sizes. Get in touch with our competent advisers to book a skip according to your requirement.

Skip Hire Permit

The legislative regulations for placing a skip on the road varies depending on where you live and which council you are in. This is something we can do for you. We do charge an administration fee of almost £50 to get the permit for you, then you will advantage from our close connection with the council, the requests are turned around faster than usual domestic applications, if there will be any push-backs, we have the expertise and accessibility to deal with them instantly, and at last, there are any requirements such as lights, we can see to that immediately without you losing any of your time.

Skip Hire Duration

It is logical that you may want to know how long you can use a skip when renting one. Our average booking term is 2 weeks; however, we aim to be as flexible as possible to suit all Skip Order clients. Unless otherwise specified, the easiest way to think about skip hire length is up to 14 days. Many jobs will be completed over the weekend, therefore we often provide skips on Fridays, for example, and pick up the full bin on Monday.

The only time we automatically collect a skip is when the booking includes a license. If the skip is put on a public road or highway, the municipality requires us to remove the container on the last day of the permit. If the skip stays on the road, the municipality may issue a fine of up to £1000. Thus it is critical that we remove containers on the last day. The Skip Order staff is here to serve you, and we will always try our best to support and fulfil your needs whenever feasible.

Skip Hire Prices

Are you in search of the most competitive skip hire with affordable prices? Rely on Skip Hire Prices experts in providing quality skip hire services at reasonable prices. With years of vast experience, we are professionals and experts committed to offering high-quality skip services at the best cost-effective prices. Our skip hire services are specially produced to provide convenience to customers. Whether you require a skip hire for construction, industrial or residential projects at reasonable prices, we are here to guide you. We offer premium skip services at affordable prices to our customers looking for a cheap and trusted skip hire provider.

Skip Hire Size Guide

Skips come in all sizes ranging from Mini to RORO and Lockable( available in all sizes) skips. In the United Kingdom, skips coming in all shapes and sizes range from 2 yards to 40 yards to eliminate all types of heavy and bulky waste material. These skips are categorized from small to larger skips, where larger skip sizes provide you more and better space to throw the trash away and take time to fill it. Our easy skip sizes guide can help you choose the right skip size according to your need, as it explains all the available skip sizes and various projects best suited to the skip size and the rules and regulations applied to the larger skips.

Mini Skip Hire

Do you want to do some home improvement projects? Is it time to re-landscape the garden? Have you considered tearing down some walls? You require a Mini Skip. Even though they are the smallest skips we have available, they are still strong enough to handle thick materials and tiny enough to fit neatly into any space that has constant access.

2 Yard Skip

Strong enough to manage thick materials like dirt and debris, but most usually used for garden clearing, home clean-outs, and spring cleaning. Dimensions of 2 Yard Skip is mentioned below;

4 feet wide x 5 feet long x 3 feet Height

3 Yard Skip

Most frequently used for modest Renovation tasks like re-decorating, bathroom renovations, and yard gardening/clearing. Dimensions of 3 Yard Skip is mentioned below;

6feet Length x 4feet width x 3feet Height

Midi Skip Hire

Our 4yd skips are suitable for big volumes of home renovation debris or building rubbish, from landscape jobs to bathroom renovations. We’ll schedule delivery and pickup dates that work for you, making lawfully disposing of your garbage a breeze – a fantastic solution towards using local waste collection sites. When you hire a midi skip, you receive plenty of storage with a maximum capacity of four tons (or around 45-50 black trash bags of rubbish). Contact us to discuss skip size options or to reserve a skip for your task. Our expert team is always available to offer advice.

4 Yard Midi Skip

4-yard skips, also known as midi skips, are ideal for residential trash removal needs. It is usually a perfect choice to remove the waste of small home refurbishments, including bathrooms, small kitchens renovation with a capacity of 45 black trash bags. Dimensions of 4 Yard Skip is mentioned below;

7feet Length x 5feet Width x 3feet Height

5 Yard Midi Skip

A 5-yard skip is an excellent option for small building projects having the capacity of 55 waste packs in it. The dimensions of a 5-yard skip are 5 feet wide, 7.5 feet long and 3.5 feet high. It is best for smaller residential and trade projects. Dimensions of 5 Yard Skip is mentioned below;

7.5feet Length x 5feet Width x 3.5feet Height

Builder Skip Hire

If you need to dispose of big volumes of garbage from restorations or massive building projects, look no further than skip order’s convenient 8-yard builders’ skips. Commercial companies may quickly and legally dispose of their building trash – around 70 trash bags worth – with a maximum weight of eight tons. Additionally, our team will schedule delivery and pickup dates that are convenient for you, sparing you the trouble of hauling rubbish and paying municipal tip fees.

We’ve been serving consumers throughout the United Kingdom for over decades, so you can rely on excellent, dependable services from our committed staff. To discover more about our builders, skip sizes or to reserve your skip, please call us immediately, and we will gladly assist you.

Ideal For

  • Ideal for large construction projects
  • Work in construction
  • 50 or more black bin bags

6-Yard Skip

Our 6-yard builders skip can be ideally used for refurbishment and larger building projects. It is also a smaller popular skip for domestic tasks, including annual larger home clearances. It will surely provide you convenience in large domiciliary projects. Dimensions of 6 Yard Skip is mentioned below;

10feet Length x 5feet Width x 4feet Height

8-Yard Skip

The 8-yard skip has the capacity of 100-110 bags of trash, ideal for complete property clearance projects and extensive garden landscaping for large houses. This is the standard skip size available at Skip Hire Prices for commercial or domestic projects. Dimensions of 8 Yard Skip is mentioned below;

12feet Length x 6feet Width x 4.5feet Height

Maxi Skip Hire

Maxi skip bins are big skip bins that are suited for a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial uses. These are skip bins that are meant to let individuals get rid of large amounts of trash and are ideal for a variety of uses. Because of their size, maxi skips are ideal for disposing of heavy materials and large goods, making them the perfect trash removal alternative in the United Kingdom.
We provide these skips in 10-yard, 12-yard, 14-yard, 16-yard, and 18-yard sizes.

10 Yard Maxi Skip

This skip size is better suited to office and factory clearance trash elimination than domestic waste removal jobs. Dimensions of 10 Yard Skip is mentioned below;

12 feet long x 6 feet wide x 6 feet Height

12 Yard Maxi Skip

Like a 10-yard maxi skip size, 12-yard skip size is also better suited for industrial settings, factory and office clearance jobs. Dimensions of 12 Yard Skip is mentioned below;

13 feet long x 6 feet wide x 6.5 feet Height

14 Yard Maxi Skip

Ideal for trade or commercial scrap elimination, a 14-yard skip is best for larger projects like shop fittings and light construction waste. Dimensions of 14 Yard Skip is mentioned below;

13 feet long x 6.5 feet wide x 6.5 feet Height

16 Yard Maxi Skip

Traditional style 16-yard yellow skips is ideal for eliminating large amounts of bulky trash like packaging, plastics and furniture. These are best for construction, manufacturing and commercial projects. Dimensions of 16 Yard Skip is mentioned below;

14 Feet Long x 6 Feet Wide x 6 Feet Height

18 Yard Maxi Skip

A popular choice in the construction and industrial sector, these 18-yard skips have the capacity and enough space to hold large amounts of construction debris, metal or garden waste. Dimensions of 18 Yard Skip is mentioned below;

14 Feet Long x 6 Feet Wide x 6 Feet Height

Common Uses Of Maxi Skips

  • Huge Garden Cleaning or Renovation
  • Comprehensive Property Renovations
  • Commercial or retail clean-ups
  • Removal Jobs
  • Office Remodeling
  • Numerous Home Renovation Projects Conducted around the Same Time.

Roll On Roll Off Skips (RORO)

RORO waste management systems are often utilized in commercial and industrial settings that create vast amounts of garbage, such as development, production, or distribution. RORO are suited for long-term waste disposal and the disposal of lighter and heavy items because of their significantly enlarged size. If you need numerous garbage pickups due to overflowing waste containers, our Roll on Roll Off Skips is the best option since they eliminate frequent exchanges and may be provided on a long-term basis at a fraction of the equivalent cost. Furthermore, we provide a RORO service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ensuring that your activities are not interrupted.

20 Yard Skip

Typically used for business and trade purposes. Large quantities of shop fittings, light construction and demolition rubbish, bulky and cumbersome things – are ideal. Low sides for ease of filling.
Except for toxic and concrete waste, which should only be 3/4 full, fill to a level load. Due to weight constraints, this product is not appropriate for soil or concrete. Dimensions of 20 Yard Skip is mentioned below;

20feetLong x 8feet Wide x 4feet Height

25-Yard Skip

This versatile skip bin is ideal for removing construction and industrial leftovers, including organic trash, furniture, plastic, metal, domestic waste wood, rubble and much more. They have an ample capacity for disposing of a considerable amount of industrial trash. Dimensions of 25 Yard Skip is mentioned below;

20feet Long x 8feet Wide x 5feet Height

30 Yard Skip

Suitable for light garbage and timbers, bulkier goods, and waste streams that have been separated. Dropdown side panels make it simple to get access. Dimensions of 30 Yard Skip is mentioned below;

20feet Long x 8feet Wide x 6.5feet Height.

40 Yard Skip

Suitable for huge industrial projects, packaging and industry trash, as well as recyclables such as wood, plastics, and paper. Dimensions of 40 Yard Skip is mentioned below;

20feet Long x 8feet Wide x 8.5feet Height.

Lockable Skip Hire

A lockable skip is one that is totally confined and covered and may be secured to prevent unauthorized access. They are helpful in a variety of uses, including stopping undesired rubbish from being placed on your skip and preventing waste from being taken from your skip without your consent. Using a locked skip prevents undesired rubbish, which might include forbidden goods, from being deposited to your skip.

Lockable skips will also prevent your rubbish from being taken without authorization, which might be hazardous to the public. Lockable skips are also significantly more weather resistant, which can be beneficial for garbage that has to be kept dry, such as gypsum, chipboard & plywood.

Benefits of Lockable Skips

  • It safeguards and protects waste.
  • Ideal for high-traffic areas.
  • Eliminates the possibility of theft.
  • Limits all material inside the skip.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Skip Order have all of the necessary skip hiring permits and licenses?
    Yes, all of our recycling facilities are completely licensed by the Environment Agency and municipal governments.
  2. Will you recycle the full skip’s contents?
    We will recycle as much of your skip’s contents as feasible.
  3. How much space can I fit in the skip?
    To guarantee that our skip hire collection service can securely collect the skip, it must be filled to a level quantity.
  4. Is a permit required to rent a skip?
    There is no requirement for a permit if you store the hired skip in a private place. But, if you want to keep the skip on a public roadway, you will need a skip permit.
  5. How long am I allowed to retain the skip?
    We rent skips for up to two weeks.
  6. How do I go about getting the skip emptied?
    To arrange for your skip to be emptied, contact our skip office.
  7. What sizes of skips do you have?
    We have a variety of skip sizes for hire; please contact us for a complete list and to discuss your specific needs.
  8. How much does skip hire cost from Skip Order?
    Skip hiring price varies, depending on size and location. For more information, please see our skip hire price list or contact our staff.


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